NutraBio is now carried at BodyGlow stores in Trinidad and Tobago!

You can now find all of your favorite authentic NutraBio supplements at BodyGlow’sbodyglow logo six locations throughout Trinidad and Tobago. BodyGlow is owned and operated by Renee Jemmott and her husband, Anton, who have been introducing NutraBio to their customers with only positive reviews. “We were looking for a brand that was one of a kind. A brand that would have benefits for everyone, no matter what sport they are in. A brand with a complete array of supplements. And NutraBio has it!” — Renee BodyGlow has also introduced NutraBio to many local athletes, who love the results. eduardo 2Enrique Morris, a natural bodybuilder and certified personal trainer in Trinidad, has been in the fitness industry for more than 12 years. Enrique is very selective about the supplements he uses and recommends to his clients. “NutraBio is truly the top of the line in their innovative and creative approach to giving us seasoned athletes the extra support that we need to push our bodies to the very extreme, day in and day out. I have watched their supplements change my physique and help me blast through plateaus and continue to do so.” — Enrique bodyglow athlete BodyGlow owners Renee and Anton both understand and appreciate the quality of NutraBio so much that they also use the supplements themselves. “We use the Hydrolyzed Whey Protein, Rice Bran, and PRE Extreme and are extremely happy with the results.” — Renee BodyGlow was established in 2001 and has expanded to six locations. BodyGlow stores carry only premier products and understand the importance of educating their staff members and customers. For this reason, BodyGlow was the perfect partnership for NutraBio, which has been choosing retailers who share its high values and ethics within the supplement industry. So if you’re on vacation in Trinidad and Tobago or lucky enough to live there, stop in at one of the following BodyGlow locations for your NutraBio needs! BodyGlow (Main Store)bodyglow Level One Long Circular Mall St James, Port of Spain Trinidad and Tobago Telephone: 1868-628-2639 (body) & BodyGlow #2 Block A, Level Two Trincity Mall Trinidad and TobagoTrincity Telephone: 1869-289-2639 (body) BodyGlow #3 CLX Gym El Dorado Trinidad and Tobago Telephone: 1868-478-5067 BodyGlow #4 Central Athletic Gym Chaguanas Trinidad and Tobago Telephone: 1868-738-5195 BodyGlow #5 Valpark Plaza Valsayn Trinidad and Tobago Telephone: 1868-645-6322 BodyGlow #6 Gulf City Mall Trinidad and Tobago Telephone: 1868-280-2639