Article on NutraBio in Nutrition Industry Executive

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You might have seen Mark Glazier's (NutraBio CEO) posts a few months back discussing Google’s ban on glutamine, arginine, nitric oxide, creatine and muscle building stacks. NutraBio took a proactive lead in working to get these bans clarified. As a matter of fact we were the only company who would even admit to this ban even though it was listed directly on Google’s policy page, and all ads for these products disappeared from Google. NutraBio contacted Nutrition Industry Executive Magazine originally to shed light on a policy started in 2010 by Google than banned advertising supplements like glutamine, arginine, nitric oxide enhancers, and muscle stacks, and categorized these as anabolic steroids. Last week the magazine published an article titled “Supplement companies perplexed by Google Policies” highlighting NutraBio and myself. Today Google reversed the ban on these and other nutrition ingredients allowing them to be advertised on Google while simultaneously banning products that claim to be anabolic steroids and drugs, or mimic names of steroids (like labeling a product Dinababolin instead of Dianabol). These products deceive consumers into believing they are purchasing real anabolic steroids when in fact they have absolutely no effect. Today’s policy change by Google rightfully protects consumers by allowing more choice in the supplements they purchase. NutraBio applauds Google's new policy, as it protects consumers from purchasing fraudulent products, while not infringing on their rights to purchase safe and effective supplements. We are happy to have been involved.