August Testimonial Contest - Honorable Mentions!

Our fans are making it harder and harder to pick winners! Here's a few of the runners-up we'd like to recognize:

"As a bodybuilder, nutrition is clearly extremely crucial. And as I was learning more and more about nutrition, adding and subtracting behaviors and habits from my routine (and we are always learning!), I learned the bitter truth about ingredients such as artificial flavors, emulsifiers, molding agents, "natural" flavors, and other toxins found at the bottom of nutrition labels. Even protein and preworkout labels from companies I used to call my favorite had these unpronounceable ingredients on their product labels! As a believer in whole, organic, unadulterated foods that we humans are truly meant to nourish ourselves which will in turn improve workout performance as well as overall health and well-being, I had stopped drinking protein, casein, pre workout, and other supplements due to the lies I felt I was being told. How could companies that promote FITNESS include these ingredients? When I found NutraBio, though, I was beyond pleased to be able to continue my supplementing! :-) At the top of every NutraBio supplement container are the words "zero fillers, excipients, inferior ingredients, banned substances, added sugars, proprietary blends, and hidden ingredients" and at the bottom of the label, in the "other ingredients" section, it clearly states ABSOLUTELY NONE. This was music to my ears and still is every time I untwist the lids of my supplements before and after my workouts. Because my health is my priority, I feel so healthy, pure, and strong when I use NutraBio's products. NutraBio has done for me what no other company has been able to do: helped me to believe in absolute PURE natural health and fitness in a society of artificial nutrition. Thank you, NutraBio!" - Ladore Levenson, VA

"I am a middle-aged weightlifter. At 57, you would think my best days of lifting were behind me. However, I purchased your creatine product and have ow tried it for several months. My results have been amazIng. Recently, I bench pressed 500 pounds on a Powertec Leverage Bench Press machine. Everyone is astounded. I have tried many products over the past 12 years, but have not seen this type of result with any other creatine product. I do often endorse products, and would only do if they actually work. This one does. Thanks Nutrabio for an amazing product." - Rocky De-Ville, IL.

"To start with I had heart surgery (4 by-passes). Everything went great. Got out of hospital in a short time and started the walking I was suppose to do. I do not like to have things done for me so this motivated me to work hard on my recovery. During the time spent in cardiac rehab.we went over all the normal nutritional do's and don'ts as well as lots of treadmill work. I had told the folks at rehab I was also interested in starting back to weight lifting so as time went on they gradually worked this into my sessions. I was wanting to get the most from my workouts so I asked if there were any proteins I could take that would not effect the changes I am making to keep a healthier heart. I was told that none of the whey isolates would be harmful. I started out with another brand and the ingredients put a question mark on if they were OK. Then I was up on night searching for an alternate whey isolate that I would feel more comfortable taking. That is when I came across Nutrabio. The label sold me when I saw there are no additives, fillers, etc., but another important item is 0 cholesterol. I have been using the whey isolate for about eight months and have had great results. I have noticed that recovery time seems to be faster and I am gaining muscle but losing weight. I have gone from 275 lbs. pre-heart attack to a current 203 lbs. I walk and run an average 5 miles per day 5-6 days a week and lift every other day. I think Nutrabio whey protein isolate is an important part of my daily workouts. I am thinking about trying the soy protein isolate when I place my next order." - David Payne, TX.