Contaminated Gelatin Reported in China

capsules NutraBio Labs is aware of the recent issue in China with respect to contaminated gelatin used in the manufacture of two piece capsules. It was widely reported in China that gelatin was being used that had a high level of chromium that was introduced from the use of an industrial grade gelatin and that gelatin was being sourced from discarded leather scraps. Scary yes, but NutraBio customers need not worry because we have NEVER sourced gelatin from China for the production of capsules used in any of our products! Gelatin used in our capsules is sourced solely from South American manufacturers where strict sets of standards are established and monitored. Additionally, the gelatin used has been certified as Prion Free. Most of NutraBio encapsulated products are made from kosher vegetarian based capsules that are 100% gelatin free. In a few cases where the ingredients are not vegetarian, we will use a gelatin capsule, but rest assured that these are made from bovine gelatin that meets all of the standards for compendia grade material and the standards for food regulations and requirements. All gelatin used in NutraBio gelatin capsules is tested and all finished product tested prior to shipping. NutraBio guarantees the capsules we use are in compliance with food grade standards and are acceptable for use in drug and nutritional products. This is just another example of why we don’t allow other companies to manufacture our supplements. Manufacturing ourselves gives us the ability to control every aspect quality control from raw ingredient selection to finished product. NutraBio manufactures each supplement in our own FDA registered and inspected GMP facility and is GMP Certified by the State of New Jersey Department of Health.