Creafuze Review by Liz Jackson


Product: Creafuze Serving size: 5.78g Single Scoop

Uses: Claims to promote maximum muscle strength and power output while improving protein synthesis and ATP resynthesis for faster recovery between reps. My Take: Creafuze is Nutrabio’s most recent addition to their already impressive Creatine uptake family and I re introduced straight Creatine back into my regimen through this product about 4 weeks ago. There are several things I love about this product but I will start with what we have at face value: The TASTE. It is AWESOME. I have it in Grape and all it takes is a good few shakes in the shaker and it dissolves nicely with great flavor. The instructions say to drink it all within a 15 minute window; I never have a problem getting it down in about 5 minutes-mostly because it tastes so good! My second favorite thing about this product is the performance and pump! The first day I took it I immediately felt a difference in my strength, I added a PR on two different back exercises just that day alone! I can tell the Creafuze is working in my system just by LOOKING at my system (see below). Untitled-1 Not only has the Creafuze helped me feel stronger in the gym and it is getting me gains that faster than I had expected I would be able to do previously, my rest times aren’t as long-but my power is still consistent and my overall workouts just FEEL better! I believe we all love a little extra help-especially when that help comes from a product that is what it says it is-no fillers, no BS, nothing other than the GOOD stuff; which is the main thing to love about Nutrabio in general. You can have full confidence that the product you receive is the best of the best! I also personally love that you are getting three different types of Creatine in one, there aren’t several different things to mix and therefore not several things to buy-it is very simple and covers all the bases. Whether you are a seasoned Creatine user or just looking into the product for the first time, Creafuze is a great option that would cover all your Creatine needs-get your power and pump on! liz-small In Health, Liz Jackson Team Nutrabio