Java Whey Review

Review posted by Expert Reviewer Lava135. Click here to see the original review on Whats up SR! Time for a review of Java Whey, the caffeinated whey product from Nutrabio.Profile: 10/10 Nutrabio is well known for putting out a top quality whey and in that vein, they used their whey protein isolate – outstanding! So isolate plus coffee + added caffeine. Big props for identifying that 38mg of the caffeine comes from the coffee and the other 162 from caffeine anhydrous for a total of 200mg. Like their other isolates, each 30g scoop contains 25g of protein, ZERO grams of fat and 1g of carbs. Now that, my friends, is how isolates are done. There are absolutely no other ingredients – whey, coffee, caffeine – it doesn’t get any more pure and simple than that. Taste & Mixing: 6/10 This mixes fine in a shaker cup and the taste is a very solid coffee flavor. It’s definitely not on the sweet side and I like it that way. I will say that the tub I received displayed some unusual dispersion - not joking, kind of looked like little sea monkeys (for those of you ancient enough to remember those) swimming around in it. Although the powder is kind of speckled to begin with – I assume because of the coffee; looks a lot like cookies and cream proteins. I also highly recommend you stick with mixing this with water instead of milk. Now the label says milk will give a creamier texture but I found that if I used milk and let it sit for a bit, it got sort of a “gelled” texture that kind of freaked me out. I didn’t notice this at all when mixed only with ice water. I also personally prefer using water as it reminded me of a really healthy latte type drink served over extra ice – and that’s how I usually drank it. I’m going to rate this kind of low because of the mixing issues but I do recognize that this could be simply an issue with the tub I received and hopefully the next ER can add some insight on whether or not he or she had the same issue. Effectiveness: 9/10 I occasionally used this first thing in the AM before I went to train and found it was a great alternative to taking a pwo. However, I primarily took this in the afternoon as a snack and a quick “pick me up”. It excelled in both applications. Top notch in my opinion. For me, this functions slightly different than a normal post workout whey (although if you use John Keifer’s caffeine protocol it would be ideal) – instead of being my primary whey source, I used it in place of my second shake in the afternoon and I must say because of the thinner texture when mixed in water and excellent coffee flavor, I really looked forward to taking this, especially knowing that I was getting in 25g of protein instead of my normal afternoon iced coffee drink. Value: 8/10 This can only be purchased directly from Nutrabio for $27.99 for 2 lbs. That comes out to right under $14 per pound and I don’t have an issue paying that for a pure isolate that is actually giving me protein instead of fats and carbs from cheap fillers. Overall: 9/10 My personal mixing experience aside, this is a superior caffeinated protein offering. Ultra-pure and clean whey protein isolate with just added coffee and caffeine. My expectations for this product were already high due to the reputation of Nutrabio and this did not disappoint at all. If you’re looking for a healthy alternative to an afternoon scoop of your pwo or a Mountain Dew, then by all means, give this a try. I really look forward to having this on hand when the weather gets hotter and I’m able to use this in the afternoon to both cool me down and pick me up all at the same time. A really great product with which to supplement both protein and caffeine consumption.
  • Great Coffee Flavor
  • Ultra Pure Isolate
  • Increased Energy
  • Texture Was A Bit Off
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