Mind Over Iron - FOCUS! By Liz Jackson

lift-weights I see it often in the gym. A girl or guy walk in and start their workout half-heartedly; never actually connecting to the environment, to the weights, the FEELING you should get in while training in the gym. They chat with their friends, talk or text on their phone, stay about 30 minutes and leave….and then wonder why they see half-hearted results. Really?? focus mind over iron I always tell my clients to FOCUS on their exercises at hand. FOCUS on their form, FOCUS, FOCUS, FOCUS on what they are trying to work, the feeling in the muscle, and the contraction of the muscle under a workload-if you stop and THINK you will find that you work SMARTER. Not only does this make you SLOW down and think about the movements and the weights-it facilitates a better workout! What results from a better workout? Better RESULTS. It starts with the right mindset coming into the gym, coupled with strategically fed energy stores and a PLAN of attack. You can’t come into the gym with no plan otherwise you will repeat the above mentioned scenario. The top 5 tips I can give you to help bring your MIND into your training are: 1) Check it at the door.-I mean check the drama, stress, social distractions and, if necessary, your pride. Don’t bring that stuff with you to bring down your focus and your workout. You’re not there to do anything but WORK-you’ll find all that stuff disappears in the background anyway-if you’re doing it right! mentally prepare for your workout 2) Talk to yourself. Maybe not out loud (unless you want everyone to give you a wide girth…food for thought), tell your body, “Alright, we are getting ready for pull-ups-get ready for it!” pushups 3) Properly warm up your body and practice your FOCUS on that body part with warm up sets. Work on forced muscle contractions so you KNOW your body is responding to the commands you give it. glutes 4) Proper Form- If you want to work your glutes with squat-make sure you are balanced in your HEELS and your chest is up! You should be squatting down and back, not through your toes and bent over! Feel your muscles contract at the top AND bottom part of your exercise which you may find requires that you SLOW DOWN. If you don’t know HOW to lift properly-HIRE SOMEONE THAT DOES and get some professional help! fuel your body at the gym 5) Fuel yourself-I can’t stress enough how having the energy to workout effectively is vital to really getting what you need out of a workout! My favorite pre workout meal is: 4 egg whites and ½ cup of oatmeal about 1 ½ hours before I go. If I need a little extra energy boost (and who doesn’t these days?) Nutrabio’s Extreme Nitric Stack coupled with Agamatine are great options if you need Caffeine free or if you want stimulants, check out the newly reformulated PRE EXTREME! You should have no problem getting your butt out the door with either one of those options in your system! If you are going to go to the gym and spend the time, why not spend it wisely?? liz-smallIn Health, Liz Jackson Team Nutrabio www.lizjacksononline.com