NutraBio Athlete Jimmie Rivera Wins In Front Of Home Crowd!

NutraBio Athlete Jimmie "El Terror" Rivera battled it out at UFC Fight Night on Saturday, January 30th, 2016. A product of Tiger Schulmann's martial arts, Jimmie Rivera had a lot of support at the fight. The New Jersey Native went to war in front of his home NJ crowd as he challenged Brazilian fighter Iuri Alcantara at the Prudential Center in Newark, NJ. jim wins tiger
Improving his professional record to 19-1, Jimmie Rivera defeated his seasoned opponent in Iuri Alcantara, now with a record of 32-7. Alcantara is also 5 inches taller and 9 years older than Rivera, giving him the reach and experience advantage. That wasn't enough to stop Rivera though, who controlled the pace in a majority of the win over Alcantara, With this victory, Rivera has moved up in official UFC rankings to the number #14 bantamweight fighter in the world. Jimmie now has the ability to take on a fight from anyone in the top 10. Anyone willing to fight him that is.
"I'm one of those fighters that doesn't want to fight once a year and just enjoy the UFC spotlight. I want to get in there and keep going, keep climbing the ladder." Jimmie is a relentless worker in the gym. Even after a hard fight, he's already back in the gym, training kids, adults and himself.
"I don't like taking time off. I like getting right back in there. Stitches, bumps, bruises, it doesn't matter. I want to get back into training. You hurt one limb, you got three other limbs that you can work on." TSMA_Logo_BlackCircle Jimmie trains and teaches at Tiger Schulmann's MMA in Manhattan, NYC. He understands the importance of hard work, fitness and nutrition. That's why he turned to NutraBio for his supplements. Jimmie uses NutraBio INTRA BLAST to stay hydrated during workouts and help him recover faster, so he can get back on the mat quicker. He also relies on NutraBio SUPER CARB to supply him with clean, powerful energy so that he can train longer without any stomach discomfort. Jimmie "El Terror" Rivera Birthday: June 29th, 1989 AGE: 26 Height 5'4" Weight 135 lbs Class: Bantamweight Record: 19-1 "Jimmie Rivera wins by unanimous decision against Iuri Alcantara of Brazil in their bantamweight bout during the UFC Fight Night event at the Prudential Center on January 30, 2016 in Newark, New Jersey."

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