With its popularity accelerating, NutraBio makes waves at the Jersey Shore’s biggest multi-sport event. booth

pcsNutraBio® Labs, a globally distributed sport nutrition company, made its presence known in a grand fashion at the first annual 2015 Atlantic City Europa Games. This event was held at the Atlantic City Convention Center on the Jersey Shore and helped to establish it as one of New Jersey’s elite multi-sport events. Thousands of athletes and tens of thousands of spectators were in attendance. 13As you walked around the expo hall, you could see hundreds of attendees wearing NutraBio t-shirts with pride. NutraBio encouraged anyone and everyone to participate in its Pull-Up Challenge, which tested the physical fitness and grit of participants. Winners were announced daily and earned over $500 in products and swag. Videos and pictures of this challenge could be seen all over the buzzing social stream online across numerous platforms. NutraBio also sampled numerous products that are t62receiving critical acclaim and rapidly appearing on retail shelves across the country. Some of the ultra-premium products that are making waves include Pre Extreme – Cluster Dextrin Infused Pre-Workout, the award-winning 100% Whey Protein Isolate; athlete’s favorite Super Carb – Performance and Recovery Carb; and the all-new Intra Blast – Intra-Workout Muscle Fuel. Additionally, Nutrabio announced its plan to release its highly touted single source Whey Protein Concentrate to retailers, which occurred this past weekend. Many of NutraBio’s award-winning products are popping up in retailers across the north-east at highly competitive prices. 453NutraBio’s premium sports nutrition products are proving to be a perfect fit for fitness enthusiasts who are demanding ultra-clean products. Athletes that use them see results without question. The products exemplify clean and effective formulation and are setting a new standard for transparency and quality. Because of this, they are rapidly becoming a favorite among athletes and NutraBio’s success at the 2015 Europa Games is further proof of this. To see more pictures from the NutraBio booth please visit our Europa AC Photo Gallery. ABOUT NUTRABIO LABS NutraBio Labs, headquartered in Middlesex, New Jersey, is a rapidly expanding vertically integrated sports nutrition manufacturer that prides itself on the highest quality supplements with 100% transparency. It has a “no compromise” commitment to producing the purest, cleanest, and most effective sports nutrition supplements possible, with a firm pledge to use no excipients, fillers, or banned substances in its products. For close to 20 years, it has been fulfilling the needs of athletes around the world and is currently expanding into numerous retail channels domestically and globally. For more information, please visit