Nutrabio's RELOAD, chosen as's Post-Workout Product of the Year

Nutrabio's RELOAD, chosen as's Post-Workout Product of the Year

This year we here at Nutrabio Labs were fortunate enough to get nominated for not one but two awards in the 2019 BBcom Awards which is a prestigious yearly awards contest held by online powerhouse, These awards are held every year to rank the top supplement companies and products in the business and to highlight the brands making the biggest impact in the sports nutrition space.

In order for a brand to participate in this awards competition, a panel of editors curated a group of finalists into a pool of the best-performing, best-reviewed brands and products in their respective category. From there, a brand can win an award by one of two ways; either they can be selected by an expert panel as the Expert Pick Winner or by customers of BBcom as the Fan’s Choice Winner.

This year NutraBio was nominated for both the Brand of the Year as well as Post-Workout Product of the Year categories. Although we did not walk away with the top honors, we did win the Post-Workout Product of the Year category for our Reload Recovery Matrix as selected by’s Expert Panel.

Bbcom’s Panel stated that the reason for our Reload winning this category unanimously was due to the fact that “While some post-workout products merely offer BCAAs and hydration, this supplement provides a loaded stack of effective ingredients at full therapeutic dosages. And it pays off: Users find Reload helps them recover more quickly and completely and lessens muscle soreness so they can get back in the gym sooner. That translates to the ability to maintain a higher training load and chase bigger gains.”

We’re thrilled to see one of our staple products take home the top awards in its category and cannot wait to continue expanding our line to include even more products that deliver the amount of time tested results and feedback that Reload has.