Protein Hack!

Recently, I received this sample of Whey Protein Concentrate 45%. Obviously, he didn’t know who NutraBio was before he wasted his time sending us this garbage. It came with a note attached that stated the following:

“Included sample of WPC-45 recommended for 49%–49% blend with WPC-80. Add 2% WPI-90 for label dressing. I have a limited supply ready for immediate delivery. Let me know how much you need.”

I responded very simply: "ZERO!"

“Add 2% WPI-90 for label dressing”? WTF!!! You might as well add salad dressing to your protein powder. WPC-45 is whey concentrate that is only 45% protein. The rest is fat, lactose, and cholesterol. These types of scams are robbing you of money, protein, and muscle. I get a little detailed here, so read through this a couple of times if necessary. By the end, you’ll be an expert at ripping apart protein labels and understanding the real value of protein powders.