NutraBio Eliminates MyProtein Advancing to the Semifinals of the Protein Wars

The results are in from last week’s Protein Wars quarterfinals, with half of the contests finishing with clear winners and the other half coming right down to the wire. The battle that ended with a rather large margin was NutraBio picking up 61% of the popular vote beating out Myprotein. NutraBio’s Whey Protein Isolate moves on to the semifinals this week taking on last year’s winner MTS Machine Whey. 018 NutraBio’s Whey Protein Isolate beat out True Grit Protein and Magnum Quattro taking over 60% of the popular vote in round #1 of the Protein Wars. Round # 2 was a heated battle with NutraBio in the end taking 78% of the vote against Universal’s Animal Whey. The Protein Wars is an annual knockout style competition, sponsored by STACK3D, where consumers vote online for the most popular protein on the market. The competition is in its third year. Round #1 started pitting 45 protein brands against each other and after 3 weeks of eliminations only 15 brands remained to advance into the second round. About NutraBio Whey Protein isolate. As you will read, for such a simple product there is an awful lot going on behind the scenes to make it what it is. NutraBio’s WPI was one of the early products we launched back in 1997. For almost 20 years it has remained a pure, unadulterated whey protein isolate (WPI90) with absolutely no fillers, excipients or additives (except flavor and sweetener if you want it). No gimmicks or hype, just an honest product with an honest label. NutraBio WPI is made from cold processed cross flow micro and ultra-filtered 100% Whey Protein Isolate (WPI90) only! There is NO ion exchange whey, acid treated whey, whey concentrate, sweet whey, maltodextrin, dextrose, creamers or any other filler in this product. It is NON GMO, lactose free, fat free, gluten free, BSE/TSE free, filler free, excipient free, non-denatured and OU certified kosher. NutraBio has never amino spiked any of our proteins and our WPI has been certified by STACK3D to be AMINO SPIKE FREE and to meet all label claims.50002 NutraBio manufactures our supplements in-house in our own FDA registered and inspected cGMP facility adhering to 21 CFR PART 111 regulations. We are NJ State GMP certified and certified as an EU dairy facility. We source our WPI from only one dairy facility that we have trusted for years, so that we have complete chain of custody from r aw material to finished product. All raw ingredients are quarantined upon entry into our facility, and in addition to in-house lab testing, each batch undergoes strict testing by independent, 3rd party labs prior to being released into production. It’s a double check system for purity, identity, composition and strength that insures all raw ingredients meet our strict quality specifications. NutraBio Whey Protein Isolate comes in 9 flavors and our natural version comes in 3 flavors with new flavors coming soon. We also have unflavored version and our JAVA WHEY which is pure whey isolate, flavored with real coffee and a 200mg caffeine kicker. As with all NutraBio supplements; we never hide ingredient dosages in deceptive proprietary blends. Our labels are simple and disclose every single ingredient along with the exact dosage, right down to our flavor system. Our label doesn't state "100% Whey", it states "100% Whey Isolate" so our unflavored version contains absolutely nothing but whey protein ISOLATE, and out flavored versions contain a small amount of flavoring, that’s it.