Thrive Not Just Survive

We are currently in an unprecedented time. We're going through a crisis like we have never seen before in our lifetime. All of our lives have changed, and it can be a tough time for some. It’s easy to fall into the trap of negativity. We are all human, the constant barrage of bad news plus everyone talking about it on social media while we are confined to our homes can take its toll. Your mindset and perspective can help get you through this. You can look at the positives. Here are some tips to help you through.

Be active outside: fresh air and sunlight are helpful to killing germs (just so long as you practice social distancing) bike ride, walk your dog, go to the park, walk around the neighborhood, workout outside, do yard work, plant flowers, etc.

Stay connected: it’s difficult for a lot of people to social distance so setting time aside to FaceTime with friends or family can help ease the “quarantine blues”. Social media was built for a time like this, we can still stay connected with people. Imagine going through this in the 80’s or 90’s with no social media and no smartphones.

Stick to your routine: if you usually work out in the morning get up at your normal time and workout at home, at the park, in your back yard, etc. Take a shower daily at the same time, eat your meals at the same time. Humans are creatures of habit and sticking to a normal routine will help soften the blow of not being able to leave the house as normal.

Some exercise is better than none: Ok you’ll have to accept that you most likely can’t train your normal way. You won’t lose all your gains, I promise you. This is the time to try different types of training, work on your mobility, stretching, etc. A break from the big weights might actually do your body good.

Stay informed but don’t obsess over it: too much information can be a bad thing. Limit your time to reading up on “updates” about the virus. It’s draining on your mental health. Get the big picture and keep it moving, check on family and friends, and don’t worry about the number of cases/death toll. Don’t harp on the details otherwise, you’ll drive yourself into a panic and buy 8,000 rolls of toilet paper.

Positive thinking: at the end of each day write 3-5 positive things that happen before you go to bed. It’ll help you focus on the positives in a world that’s so negative right now. It’s so easy to get caught up in the bad when that’s all anyone can talk about. To keep things in perspective, most of us are confined in the comfort of our own homes with our family and pets, we are not asked to go fight a war nor out in the cold streets like the homeless.

Ways to help the community:

  1. Shop Locally: If you do choose not to cook, get take out from a local restaurant. Most local places are going to suffer much more than Dunkin' Donuts or Dominos. If you’re going to spend money, make sure it goes back into the economy.
  2. Donate your gas money: if you’re not traveling and you don’t need to go out for gas every week, save that $20-$40 dollars and donate it to a food bank, animal shelter, etc.
  3. Speaking of Animal Shelters: Volunteers are severely limited. A lot of shelters are looking for people to foster animals until this blows over
  4. Buy food/toys for Animal Shelters: If you can’t foster, consider using the gas money you’re not spending to buy a bag of dog food or treats for your local shelter/rescue
  5. Hospitals: A lot of people are still undergoing emergency surgeries and babies are still being born. Maybe consider buying donatable items to send to your local hospital like diapers.