Tony Vlachos – Winner of the popular TV series Survivor Joins Team NutraBio!

team-member Tony competed in and won the 28th season of Survivor in the Philippines, a season with the theme of "Brawn vs. Brains vs. Beauty." He outwitted, outplayed and outlasted 17 other castaways and won the grand prize in an 8-1 vote. Tony used NutraBio supplements during his training to prepare for Survivor and credits our supplements for helping to gain the muscle, weight and strength needed to compete and win Survivor. He's been using NutraBio products for years, and actually used them to help prepare his body for 39 days on a deserted island, during which time he lost 21 pounds! Tony was not a paid endorser of NutraBio at the time nor was he given free products, he was and has been a loyal customer and user of NutraBio supplements for years. Here's what Tony has to say about our new partnership:
I’m very happy to announce a new partnership with a company I’ve used for years and will continue to use. Many asked me how I had the amount of energy levels that I had on Survivor Island. Here is my answer: I was using a lot of mental focus and energy boosting supplements for months before going on Survivor. I truly believe those supplements helped me not only survive for 39 days on Cagayan Island, but to thrive!!!! Thank you NUTRABIO!! I will also be using weight and muscle gaining supplements to get me back into shape in the event I get a call to play another season of Survivor. I sure have my fingers crossed!! ;O)
We're happy and excited to have you as part of our team, Tony! Here's some pictures from Tony's visit to the NutraBio facilities back in August.
Tony and Mark Glazier, CEO & Founder of NutraBio Labs, Inc.
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