Whey Protein Isolate Review by Brandon Barrow

Brandon-NB-SUF-3 Review by: Brandon Barrow, WNBF Pro / NGA Pro & Team NutraBio Elite Athlete View Team SUF Profile I have been using Nutrabio supplements in my supplement stack for quite a while now. One supplement in particular I want to focus on is Nutrabio 100% Whey Protein Isolate. When I am choosing a protein supplement I want the best quality with the least amount of ingredients and additives like most protein supplements include, this is why I choose Nutrabio. Ingredients: The ingredient profile is top notch. No unnecessary additives or unwanted sugars. It is very macronutrient friendly for anyone on a strict diet. Nutrabio even put on the label under other ingredients: “ABSOLUTELY NONE”. That is a sign of high quality. One scoop of cinnamon bun (I know, awesome flavor) protein equals to 110 calories, 25 grams of protein, 0 fat, and 1 gram of carbohydrates. As you see on the product label, you get exactly what you pay for and it tastes amazing! Why to Supplement Protein Anybody can benefit from using whey protein isolate in his or her daily lives. Here are some reasons why: • Higher rate of muscle recovery • Increased lean muscle mass • Appetite Suppression • Decreased muscle soreness Whey isolate is essential because in the isolate form it is easily digested and reaches the muscles faster than a regular whey protein. After a workout when the muscle is in a catabolic state (muscle breakdown), drinking whey isolate will immediately reverse this and the muscles will be in an anabolic state (muscle building). This will spark recovery and lead to lean muscle growth. When to Drink Protein The most important times to supplement with whey protein isolate is postworkout, preworkout and breakfast, with post workout being priority. Even though a person can drink this anytime they want, these are the three most crucial times to drink it. Upon waking the body is in a catabolic state from fasting for x amount of hours and needs nutrients as soon as possible. This is where whole food is not superior. Whole food takes time to digest and actually get to the muscles. Waking and immediately drinking a protein shake will turn your body anabolic as soon as you drink it. You can then make your solid breakfast while you are already building lean muscle. Preworkout is a very important time to nourish your body with the proper nutrients so that it is primed and ready for battle. Nutrabio whey protein isolate is a perfect source of protein to drink before you workout so that your muscles are filled with amino acids (building blocks of protein) to help with endurance through the workout. Post workout is the most important time to throw back a whey isolate shake. As I stated earlier, the muscles are hungry for nutrients to repair the muscles that you have just broke down during the workout. The whey isolate is going to be the best option at this time because it is going to be fast digesting and will immediately start the muscle building and repairing process. I can personally tell a difference when taking a whey protein isolate verses not drinking a protein shake after I workout. My recovery is much faster and I am able to push harder in the gym because of this. Originally posted to the Sci-Unison Fitness blog here: http://www.sci-unisonfitness.com/nutrabio-whey-isolate-review/