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Ryan Bucki of Fitness Informant Provides An In-Depth Look & Unbiased Review On PerformElite - The Endurance Athlete's Pre-Workout. Read the review here

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What's going on, guys? Ryan, president here. Thanks for stopping by our YouTube channel and check out our 100% honest, transparent, no B.S. review of EndurElite PerformElite pre-workout powder. Today we're gonna talk about PerformElite on five different categories. First we're gonna talk about the ingredient profile. We're gonna move on to supplement facts panel on this to describe to you guys each ingredient and what its intended use is and is it dosed correctly. Then we're gonna talk about the overall effectiveness of this product, we're gonna talk about taste, mixability, and then finally we're going to talk about value.

First off, EndurElite is a brand that's making performance-based supplements for the endurance athlete, hence the name EndurElite. Now endurance athlete, runners, marathoners, rowers, bicyclists, those types of individuals. So let me start this review off by saying is if you are a weight lifter, bodybuilder, power lifter, Olympic lifter, CrossFitter, this type of pre-workout's most likely not going to be for you. But if you're the other side, you like to run, you like to kayak, you like to row, you like to bike, you like to hike, you like to do triathlons, then this product is going to be something that might be exactly for you, so listen up.

Let's first talk about the ingredient profile on this product. First off, it starts with 1.67 or 1670 milligrams of beetroot powder. This is exactly what you think it is. Beetroot powder, beets. What does this do? It increases nitric oxide levels in the body which helps the blood flow to your muscles. Oxygen-rich blood flowing into your muscles is going to help improve and enhance your endurance. Hence, an endurance focused supplement.

Second is taurine at 1500 milligrams. This is actually dosed higher than typical pre-workouts. Typical pre-workouts you're going to see about a gram of taurine. This has 1500 grams of taurine. What does taurine do? It helps increase endurance and strength output. You typically find this dosed between 500 and 2000 milligrams, not to exceed three grams per day, so good dosage there.

Peak O2 is dosed in this, and it's a very popular ingredient in endurance-enhancing supplements. Sometimes you see these in a pill format, this is going to be in this pre-workout, it's actually showing up more and more in pre-workouts, even on the body-building side of the industry. At one gram this is sufficiently dosed, clinical studies show that one gram per day is exactly what you need for Peak O2. Then you get 3.2 grams of Beta-alanine. Beta-alanine is what you find in a lot of pre-workouts, it's the tingly ingredient. But it serves more of a purpose than that, and in this case it serves purpose of enhancing your endurance. 3.2 is the clinical dosage of Beta-alanine, so we can't complain there.

Next we have choline bitartrate at one milligram. Now this is a cognitive-enhancing ingredient, which it helps you relax, it helps alleviate anxiety, it helps you focus. Think about this. If you have 26.2 miles or whatever a marathon is to run, you want to make sure that you're focused on the end goal. Including cognitive-enhancing ingredients within this product is a smart idea by EndurElite, here PerformElite. At one gram, this is typically where we'd see doses, 500 to a gram, sometimes we see the higher, not really, so this is actually on the higher side, which we're a big fan of. Then you have ActiGin at 50 milligrams. Now, this is an endurance-enhancing ingredient as well, and studies have shown that 50 milligrams a day, or 50 milligrams before exercise produces the optimal results that you're looking for.

Then you have huperzine A at 50 mcg. Huperzine A is a cognitive-enhancing ingredient, typically dosed between 50 and 200 mcg per day, or per workout. 50 mcg, it is a sufficient dosage of huperzine A. Then you have elevATP at 200 milligrams. This is actually on the higher side of elevATP, typically we would see this dosed between 100 and 200 milligrams, this is on the high side. What does this do? You guessed it, it helps improve and enhance endurance.

Then you have PURENERGY at 150 milligrams. What this is, it's more of a prolonged energy effect, sort of an anti-crash caffeine, okay? It also has 150 milligrams of caffeine anhydrous, so you have 150 milligrams of caffeine to get you that, bam, right away before you hit the ground running, or hit the water rowing, or got that bike and the pedal and pavement. But then you also get 150 milligrams of PURENERGY which is going to be a sustaining energy throughout. Think about it. If you have a five-K or you're running a half-marathon or whatever it might be, you don't just want the energy for the first 15 to 45 minutes. Like, this is going to take you several hours to complete, so you want to make sure that you have energy throughout whatever competition you're taking part in.

So as you can see, these ingredients on this supplement facts label do exactly what this product is intended to do. It is supposed to improve and enhance your endurance, and improve your recovery time by reducing your recovery time by using Beta-alanine. So, is this meant for body builders? No, it doesn't have a lot of those ingredients that we look for in a body-building type of a supplement. But if you, again, if you're a runner, a biker, a swimmer, whatever it might be, then this product is directed directly towards you, and the ingredient profile on this, it's phenomenal.

In terms of effectiveness, when did I use this? I used this on cardio days. I never used this when I went to the gym. Yes, I do cardio days, I do StairMaster, I would do bike, and I would take this 30 minutes before a workout, before my endurance activities, and it was phenomenal. I'm a huge fan of it. You could actually feel that it was easier to breathe, it felt like you had more oxygen in your lungs and in your blood. You didn't get tired as quickly, you could do 20 to 30 minutes on a StairMaster on level eight or above and not get tired out. You've seen it, people who are bent over on the StairMaster machine, that wasn't the case with me. So overall effectiveness for endurance activities, this is right on the money.

In terms of taste, this is Fast Fruit Burst. Don't be confused with fruit punch. It's a very fruity tasting product and I actually do like it quite a bit. It's very flavorful. It's not what you typically would see or expect in a pre-workout, but it's good. Especially with that much beetroot powder in it too, you want to make sure you have a good flavor going with the product. In terms of mixability, we're actually going to mix it up here for you. One serving size is 10 grams, so not a ton. The powder is nice and fine, and you'll see that it's actually really red. Why, do you think? Beetroot is gonna be red, and then actually, if you ever eat like a thing of beets, you'll know it. So put it in here, we'll put it in with about 10 ounces of water and then we're going to mix it up here for you all, so you can actually see how well this mixes up. This is actually a pretty good mixing pre-workout, again at only 10 grams it should be, and there's not a lot of ingredients in this product that aren't soluble in water, meaning that these will go ahead and actually become pretty soluble in water. You can see the red color of this product. You're gonna expect that. It's the flavor, it's the beetroot powder, but you don't find a lot of particles at the bottom. You'll see a little bit on this, but overall, yeah, see, it doesn't taste very good, it's actually refreshing. For a pre-workout, a very unique flavor, mixes really well, overall, great, solid product.

Which brings us then to value. Now, I don't think it's fair to compare this directly to more of the hardcore, stimulant-based pre-workouts like our number one rated pre-workout, NFI, but you almost have to compare this to endurance type of drinks like your Gatorades, your Pedialytes. Now this product right here retails for $39.99 on their website. You get 25 servings, so if you're looking, and you're a bodybuilder or a weightlifter, then the value's not in this product for you. You don't want to go this route. But if you're that person who runs and you're typically mixing up a Gatorade drink, that's all sugar and it's not good for you. Or you're using Pedialyte, that can be pretty expensive. So at less than $2 a serving, the value on this for an endurance athlete, it's there. And it's totally up to you guys what you wanna do in terms of what you wanna drink, but if you are taking your sports seriously, and you wanna compete in endurance activities, I believe PerformElite is going to give you that next-level edge that you're looking for to make sure that you have that prolonged endurance and improve your recovery time after whatever event you're taking part on.

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