Plant-Based Protein Sources Are Growing in Popularity

What is the first thing you think of when you hear someone talking about protein powder? Probably whey protein, right? Whey protein is by far one of the best-selling protein supplements on the market. However, plant-based protein sources are starting to give whey a run for its money.

While extremely high-quality whey sources such as an isolate are helpful for those who are lactose intolerant, there are cases where the intolerance is so severe that they even have a reaction to the minimal amount of lactose found in the powder. That’s where something like a plant-based protein truly shines.

Unfortunately, not many people give plant-based proteins a fair shake. They feel that it’s inferior to whey and that the benefits aren’t as vast. Well, this article is going to showcase many of the benefits associated with a plant protein and why you may want to make the switch.

The Benefits of Plant-Based Protein Sources

There are many people out there who refuse to use a plant-based protein because they feel there’s no benefit when compared to whey — that’s simply not true. When it comes to using a plant-based protein powder like EndurElite Plant Elite, there are many benefits you can experience. Let’s take a look at everything you may encounter through its use.

Enhance Athletic Performance

Illustration of enhanced athletic performance

Plant-based protein supplies the body with a slow and steady release of energy due to its slower digestibility rate. Something else that not many people know about consuming a plant-based diet is that it can improve blood viscosity, which can help push more oxygenated blood out to the working muscles, which can increase athletic performance. This better blood flow can also help push key nutrients out to the muscles to help keep them fueled and aid in recovery.

Sustained Energy

Illustration of sustained energy

Due to the slow breakdown of plant protein, you generally won’t experience the ups and downs of energy and mood swings since there are no spikes and crashes of energy due to the rise and fall in blood sugar levels. By having a sustained source of energy throughout the day, not only can it help fuel your day but also your workouts.

Improve Weight Loss

Illustration of a man running and losing weight

Recent studies have shown some amazing findings when it comes to weight loss. One study showed that those who consumed plant-based protein were better able to decrease their overall weight and body fat. Another reason for the improvements in weight loss stems from the fact that those who consume plant proteins feel more satiated throughout the day (more on this shortly). Because of the ability to feel satiated longer during the day, it can help prevent overeating during mealtimes or excessively snacking on unhealthy options throughout the day.

Less Digestive Issues

Illustration of how digestive issues effect energy

One of the biggest complaints with whey protein users is that they have trouble digesting it. Many experience abdominal pain, gas, and even loose stool. Clearly, those who are lactose intolerant will have the worse time digesting whey protein and, therefore, may want to make the switch to a plant-based protein. It is said that as much as 65% of the population has a lactose intolerance.

Help You Feel Satiated

Illustration on Satiation

Another benefit to making the switch to a plant-based protein is for improved satiety. Plant protein has a higher fiber content which helps you feel full for longer throughout the day. This can help minimize cravings and help you put the fork down during mealtime. EndurElite Plant Elite utilizes whole yellow peas and whole brown rice, along with patented Frutalose®, which is a soluble fiber that can help further improve satiety.

Boost Gut Health

Illustration on Gut Health

Are you worried about gut health? You should be! Gut health plays a vital role in digestion as well as immunity. Utilizing a plant-based protein can help reduce gut health issues while improving digestion and bowel movements. A study was conducted that looked specifically at plant-based diets and found that those who utilized such a lifestyle had an improved gut profile that was better able to keep out foreign pathogens and disease-causing organisms due to having a healthy gut microbiome. Gut health plays a crucial role with immunity, and if gut health becomes compromised, pathogens can enter the system and cause several different health issues.

Increase Longevity

Illustration on Longevity

What if you were told that consuming a plant-based diet could help you live longer? It would catch your attention, right? Researchers found that those who consumed plant proteins had a lower mortality rate when compared to those who consumed dairy and animal protein. If you want the ability to potentially live longer and healthier, switching to plant proteins may be a great lifestyle choice.

Improve Skin Health

Three drawings of a mans face, 3 with achne, 1 with a clear complextion

A nice segue from longevity is skin health and healthy aging. Skin is the largest organ of the body and needs to be a main focus through a healthy lifestyle and skincare routine. Researchers looked at the skin health of those who consumed a plant-based diet with those who didn’t and found that those who consume plant protein saw improvements in skin health. Father Time doesn’t care who you are, he’s going to eventually catch up with you as you keep changing the years on your calendar. However, with the ability to improve skin health, you can look younger and show off your healthy, glowing skin as you age gracefully.

Better Sustainability of Resources

Illustration of a cow and the planet earth

A common reason that many people are making the switch from whey protein to a plant-based protein is due to the sustainability of resources. Moving in the direction of a plant-based diet cuts down on the number of animals killed, preserves water supplies, and maintains plant diversity. It has been found that plant-based protein (and plant-based food in general) scored the lowest when it came to the overall impact that it has on agriculture’s pressure on the environment. If you were to look at the ease of production, it’s much easier to produce plant-based food and use up fewer resources than meat and dairy sources.

Ready to Make the Switch?

Even if you aren’t ready to completely make the switch to a plant-based diet, starting small and making incremental changes can go a long way. Implementing EndurElite Plant Elite into your supplement regimen could be precisely what you need to help boost your recovery and maximize your performance. Additionally, the use of a plant-based protein can improve your health and immunity, which can allow you to continue training hard and pushing your body without it becoming worn down, and allowing an illness to sneak in. Stay protected, recover properly, perform optimally, and feel better in the process with EndurElite Plant Elite!