PricePlow Review Of PerformElite X - Formulator's Cut

Mike Roberto of PricePlow does an in-depth review on PerformElite X and discusses why it is THE BEST endurance supplement EVER.

EndurElite PerformElite X In-Depth Review

Mike: What's happening, my endurance minded friends? This is Mike Roberto with PricePlow. And boy, look what I got for you here today, PerformElite X from EndurElite.

Now, just real quickly, look at this label. I'll flash it up here. Just look at this label. This thing is a monster, especially if you're an endurance athlete and you wanna throw everything you got at this next competition.

And there's no way, if I'm gonna do this thing justice, there's no way this video is gonna be short. So you know what I need? I need an endurance supplement to get through this endurance supplement review, and so we're gonna pour in a little bit right here, right now.

Thirty grams, let's get 30 grams going, and then I have another thing to film real quick, and then we'll get back to the real deal. Because I wanna tear through this thing in a big way, maybe even split it up into two different videos because... Oh, wow, all right, this is weighing out perfectly.

A little bit more for me. Two-hundred-and-fifty milligrams of caffeine in each serving here, and a whole lot of endurance stuff.

Stay up. Oh, you know, there's some beetroot in this mofo. Look at that. There's no doubt about it, one of these ingredients is beetroot extract and they bring it on strong.

And not only that, they work with the beetroot. It's not like they're trying to cover it up. It's in there a little bit. This is a sweet, sweet flavor. But that beetroot, this is the first time I've seen beetroot used in such a way where it's like, "Wow." They worked with it and it tastes amazing. But the flavor here is Fast Fruit Blast.

Did I say that? Fast Fruit Blast. And this is a fruity flavor with a beet component here. And there's so many benefits of the beetroot, and that's what we're probably going to start with. But for me right now, I'm gonna chug the most of this.

And I got a couple of other things to do, and then I gonna be back and we're gonna be all jazzed up to get through this endurance supplement. But the long story short is if you're training for something big, and we've all been there, I've been there at least, and you got like a month out.

And you're like, "Oh, boy, I signed up for that race. I am not ready. I need to throw every last thing I can at this race. I need to get my training volume up and I need to be able to recover so I can have my training volume stay up tomorrow, because we have a lot to do in a short amount of time."

PerformElite X Is Matt Mosman's Personal Blend

Well, this is the formulator's cut. Matt Mosman, the formulator at EndurElite, the Chief Endurance Officer, CEO. He's like, "What would I put together if I could put in anything I wanted?" And yeah, it does cost a little bit more. But you know what?

A lot of endurance athletes don't care. When we're getting down to crunch time, we'll throw every last thing at it to keep our training volume up, and that's the plan here. So I'll be back in 15 minutes. Welcome to PricePlow.

Announcer: Welcome to PricePlow.

Who Is Matt Mosman?

Mike: All right, so now that we're all jazzed up a little bit, here's the story. Matt Mosman, the Chief Endurance Officer of EndurElite, he's an endurance athlete but he's been in the supplement industry for quite a while doing all kinds of research, working with a lot of the brands that we love here on PricePlow.

Because this is typically a sports nutrition oriented YouTube channel here for all you endurance athletes who are out there. Yes, I am more of an endurance athlete. But we're in this other world of weight loss and diet and pre-workout, and this is what we do consider a pre-workout supplement. You take it before training. I would honestly take this before and during a race as well, but only if you know that you train well with it first. Don't do anything crazy at race day that you haven't, like, already messed with a lot.

So anyway, Mosman here, and we had him on our YouTube channel. We have two different videos, one where he introduces himself and one where he talks about a lot of the best endurance supplements.

We will make links to both of those because he brings a wealth of information. And so he'd been working in the world but not in his world, and now he is able to do what he wanted to do, and that was create bad-ass endurance based supplements.

And talk about all the things he loves to do, like trail running, and all the obstacle course races, all that like crazy awesome stuff that a lot of people who are just like, you know, lifting three sets of 10 in the gym aren't getting to do. And so he's, like, living the life right now and putting together supplements that he loves.

Now, EndurElite was originally, or it still is, it's a great endurance based pre-workout supplement that is along the same lines of what I'm talking about here. But then, you know, people, we like to, like, get into our heads and be like, "Huh, what can I put together that would give me everything, if money wasn't an object?"

Because a lot of people don't care when it comes down to race time. It's like I said. And what he built was the formulator's cut EndurElite. So PerformElite is the regular version. PerformElite X is the formulator's cut with everything.

The Ingredients In PerformElite X


So we're gonna go through here. Now this does have, right off the bat, 250 milligrams of caffeine. Which, on this channel, it's not a lot anymore because things have gotten out of control with some of us, and I can talk about that later on in a different video. But it's a plenty for an endurance athlete, especially if you get your health online and everything and you're good to go. Also, there's 40 calories because we have 10 grams of very, very, very high-quality carbohydrates here.

Now, if you're an endurance athlete, there's two ways it can go. But either way, that's a perfect amount as a starter dose to go with. Even if you are a keto, fat-adapted athlete who's working off your body fat stores, tank arms ain't gonna do nothing to, like, mess that up. In fact, you're gonna get a little nice little boost out of that.

And then you can if you're metabolically flexible, you'll be able to get right back to fat adaptation. I've done it before. It's not a problem. And that's why, I am typically in ketosis here, I am not afraid of drinking 10 grams of carbohydrates, especially when we're getting all amped up over here.

So and then if you are a carbohydrate user, then you'll be like, "Yeah, 10 grams is great." And it's obviously not gonna be great enough, that you're probably gonna want to be, you know, drinking your whatever waffles and stuff that you eat during the races. I know you eat all the goo packets and whatever other carb sources you have, but 10 grams is a great source.

Highly Branched Cyclic Dextrin

Now, I might as well skip right into that though. The 10 grams of carbohydrates...and this, I'm way on the bottom label. We're at the extended energy and endurance blend here,10 grams of Cluster Dextrin. That's a trade name. It's also known as highly branched cyclic dextrin. And so this is a very, very fast digesting carbohydrate source that's made from amylopectin, which is like a plant-based source of carbohydrate. And so it's it gets into the bloodstream like immediately. Not immediately, but yeah, very, very quickly. But it doesn't have an absurd blood glucose impact, and it tends to...the research shows that users who use it tend to recover faster and have less soreness, less DOMS, delayed onset muscular soreness, which is a huge thing for a lot of people who are endurance athletes. A lot of times, you know, this workout isn't as important as tomorrow's workout. Like, we need to be able to bounce back. And this is a bounce-back kind of carbohydrate. And for those of us who use it in the gym, we kinda feel a better pump too. It's just like a really, really cool and unique carbohydrate.

So that's where your 10 grams of carbohydrates are coming from, and I can't say enough good things about it. The problem is it's an expensive carb. If you look at like the solo HBCD-based supplements, they are not cheap. So this is the elite kind of carbohydrate, and I'm a big fan of it. But yeah, it does come with that price tag. I do want to run, and I will be running some of this through like a blood glucose monitor to see how, you know, how much impact I really get from it. But, in general, I'm already on board with the carbohydrate source. Whether or not you're a carb user,10 grams of this stuff is awesome. You're gonna feel good.

So after that, let's start on the top of the label. And so we have like four main sections here. We have the VO2 boost complex, lactic acid neutralizer, anti-fatigue & focus matrix, and extended energy & endurance blend. So getting after all the kind of cognitive, and the energy, and the lung capacity. All that stuff is what's happening in the supplement.

Beet Root Powder

So here we go. It starts with beetroot powder. And I've already talked about that because you're not gonna...its 2 grams of it. This is a very, very good dose. A lot of times you see like 500 milligrams in some supplements, sometimes a gram. Two grams of it alone, this right off the bat, we have something that's going to boost endurance. And it's going to enable you to have more blood volume, and that enables you to get more nutrients delivered to the cells, more nutrients in, more garbage out, and everything like that. And eventually, the studies show that you are able to go longer and have increased endurance capacity at the 70% of peak capacity, or 80% of peak power, 90% of peak power, and even at trends towards 100%.

If you're working at like pure sprint mode, you're gonna be able to probably go a little bit longer thanks to the beetroot. You might also get a little bit extra power from it as well. And it is especially true when you have a good extract. I don't know. Like I said, I kinda taste it in here. Actually, like, is this getting darker as it sits here? And you do need to swirl a little bit. There's another ingredient we'll talk about that kind of does tend to settle. So give it a swirl. It's not too bad though. It's just been sitting in for minutes and still doing fine.

Anyway, the beetroot powder provides...and sometimes it provides you a little bit of a pump. You're gonna get a little bit of power output too, and so it helps boost nitric oxide. We have a couple of ingredients in here that are gonna boost nitric oxide levels, and that's gonna enable you to...your veins are going to vasodilate and they're gonna widen. It lowers blood pressure a little bit, so you do need to be careful. Don't mix this with Cialis, put it that way. But you're going to have widened blood vessels, and you're gonna get more nutrient delivery, more blood flow. And ultimately, the studies show that this ends up giving you more endurance. So right off the bat, 2 grams of this stuff not with the price tag alone, but worth like looking into on its own as well.


Outside of that, we have 1.5 grams of taurine. Taurine, and you might have seen this in the energy drink commercials, and a lot of our PricePlow usuals who watch this channel know that we love taurine. And those energy drink commercials, or those energy drinks, a lot of people joke, "Is that bull's piss?" No, it's not bull's piss. This is's not even amino acid. It's an organic acid. And it's found naturally in our bodies, and it works as osmolyte. It allows water to transfer among cells. And you actually have like a sheet of water in your body. And when you take more taurine, you retain a little bit more and you're able to transfer more water amongst the cells.

And there was a really good meta-analysis, there's been like nine super good studies on endurance and taurine. And the meta-analysis that I'm citing here shows. And we have a blog post, I should have mentioned. Okay, I might as well go backwards real quick. We have a blog post about this. And we've done a couple of promotions with EndurElite based upon on the contest and with this supplement, and this product was sent for free. And I after I get all done with taurine, I will give a mini review as well. I'm just gonna be all over the map here. I'm having fun. So and that's how Matt Mosman would like it, because this guy is a high energy individual. Catch him on Instagram as well.

All right, now we're all over the place. So taurine provides this like sheath of water. And this meta-analysis showed that even at one single dose you can get endurance benefits from it. So even if it's like you're watching this the night before race day, you might even wanna look at taurine, and drink a lot of water with it. And taurine itself, a nice sulfur-containing amino acid, a lot of people are deficient in sulfur, and that's something you gotta look into in your diet someday as well. But a lot of people get an endurance benefit right away.

Now, typically one gram is where it starts, maybe 500 milligrams in some of the studies, one gram is typically where that really seems to start, and sometimes you see up to 2 grams. We are right smack dab in the middle at 1.5 grams of taurine. So this is a phenomenal ingredient for endurance, and then it also has a lot of benefits that just highly functioning cells seem to provide like a little bit of focus and just overall well-being. So taurine, very, very good stuff.

Peak O2

So after that, we have another endurance booster, and this time we're gonna be talking about the VO2 max. Taurine is more of a...I would kind of consider it like a overall muscle endurance. PeakO2 works on VO2 max, but...and there's a but here. This is one gram. The clinical doses are typically 2 grams a day over the long haul. But what we're seeing is that with PeakO2, it's an additive effect over time. So if you take this whole tub I think that there would be benefits, but I can't fully clinically claim them because they come at two grams.

Now, why would someone as intelligent as Matt Mosman only use 1 gram instead of two which is like the current clinical dose? I don't know, but my take is this. PeakO2 is a blend of cordyceps, mushroom extracts, and it kinda adds a little bit of an earthy taste. And on top of all the beet and everything, maybe it's a taste, maybe it's the cost, or maybe Matt believes that, "Hey, one gram is enough, because we're gonna be using it over the course of a month or so." And in that case, we only have, you know, half of that clinical dose but it does seem to be a builder. Because when the research first came out, it was like 4 grams a day was a clinical dose, and that study is still valid. But then we realized for over the course of a month, it's two grams a day still actually gets the job done in terms of increasing VO2 max. So maybe a gram can do something as well. I just can't fully cite that.


Now, the main driver inside of PeakO2 is Cordyceps militaris. You may have heard of Cordyceps sinensis. But PeakO2, the research is a little bit weird with Cordyceps sinensis because it's been misidentified for a while, and you don't always know what you're getting. There's a whole long story about this we can link back to. But the long story short is that Cordyceps militaris actually has a higher amount of the constituent we want, which is cordycepin. But it doesn't have any of, like, the weird bad study issues and the weird misidentification issues that Cordyceps sinensis had. So Cordyceps militaris is not only stronger, but it's also like free of bad politics maybe. And so that's why it's good to see that as the main driver in PeakO2, but there's also like six other ingredients that are part of it. Such as reishi, such as lion's mane, such as shiitake, such as our favorite king trumpet, so you have this whole blend. But really it's Cordyceps militaris that I think it's driving that bus.


And then here's a really good one, theobromine. Now, theobromine is actually a bronchodilator. So we wanna be able to obviously get more oxygen in, and we have an ingredient that's gonna allow us to actually use less oxygen as well. There's a really cool pathway being used here as well. But theobromine is used as a bronchodilator to actually open up your lungs a little bit. This is a 100-milligram dose, and I think it's a really cool play for endurance that we don't see. Like first off, EndurElite is doing some really cool things that are, you know, out of the realm of the all these like, you know, endurance supplement companies where they're just like, you know, having waffles, and throwing sugar at stuff, and low-quality whey protein and stuff. And Matt Mosman's like, "Dude, I come from a research background where we could throw in some stuff from the sports nutrition world, bring it to endurance athletes." And theobromine is one of those kinds of ingredients that you're probably not gonna see in many other endurance based supplements, but it has some really sweet mechanisms to it.


Now, we are then outside of the VO2 Boost Complex and we are now into the...there's one ingredient in the lactic acid neutralizer and that's none other than beta-alanine. So beta-alanine, if you are new to this game here and you just taken this supplement, you're like, "What's in this stuff that's making me tingle?" That would be this ingredient, beta-alanine. We have a full clinical dose all in one fell swoop, 3.2 grams of this. And what it does is it binds to the essential amino acid histidine. So make sure you're eating enough like, you know, full complete proteins such as from real food sources, steak, and chicken, and eggs, and all the good stuff, fish.

And so what happens is beta-alanine gets converted into carnosine in your muscle tissue with the help of the amino acid histidine. And the carnosine helps buffer out acid such as lactic acid. Now, the research has been shown, and I gotta state that the research was done on 3.2 grams per day but split into four different 800-milligram doses. It seems to be a saturation play though. So I'm thinking if we take just 3.2 grams per day and stay at saturation, and keep our carnosine levels at saturation, especially pre-workout, then I think it should be okay. But I got to state, the studies do usually split the doses up. We ain't got time to be taking eight different things all day long. So anyway, so you're getting the 3.2 grams all in one hit here, and that sometimes does cause a little bit of a tingling sensation. It is non-toxic, and there's not like a real troublesome side effect to it, but that is kind of a side effect where you get the tingles. But those tingles are often times the alarm, like, "Hey, this stuff is actually legitimately working in my bloodstream. I better go train and get off the phone." So that's the story of beta-alanine.

Now, the other thing I need to disclaim here is that the studies show that this is great for muscular endurance because it helps you flush out the lactic acid, and that's what we're going for here. But the studies mostly show the best benefits... And these studies have been done on swimmers, weightlifters, rowers, like a lot of endurance stuff and power-based stuff. One to four minutes, yeah, around that one to four minute range is when the exercise really seems to be boosted the most. I'm not sure if there's a study on ultra, like, longer endurance athletics. Like, such as, you know, you're gonna be having a sprint triathlon that's like an hour or so, or even, you know, multiple hours for a triathlon. I'm not sure, but I would love to have more carnosine built up in my muscles even if it's only for a little while, because you wanna do whatever you can to flush the lactic acid out.

Ornithine HCL

Now, similarly, on that same note, we go down to the anti-fatigue & focus matrix and we have what I think is the coolest thing here is ornithine, two grams of ornithine. Now, what's really cool about this is that it helps flush the ammonia out of your system which is also another problematic, you know, compound that we wanna get rid of. You know, the mere biochemical reaction of just like flexing your muscle is gonna produce a little bit of ammonia. Over the course of time that ammonia builds up and you start to feel like garbage, and you're gonna get all sorts of problems if you can't properly flush it. Well, it turns out that the ornithine here actually binds the ammonia. Instead of having this terrible stuff in your muscle tissue, it actually helps create something that's even beneficial and that's citrulline, which we're gonna talk about in a little bit, a nitric oxide booster.

So you go from having something terrible to something good thanks to ornithine. Now, when taking two grams per day, there are clinical doses. One of the studies used two grams per day, but then they like power dosed it at six grams on the day of the testing. But what they saw is like a reduction of fatigue at like 54%. So people are able to actually last longer and they're less sore the next day. Ornithine, overall I think, is something that we haven't really covered on this channel enough. But in terms of endurance athletics, that's definitely one of the things where you wanna go to the blog post, check out the citations, and see if it applies to you. Because I think this is an amino acid that can be a difference maker if you're going after a high volume.

You know, a lot of stuff is it's gonna give some acute benefits, such as taurine, a lot of this stuff is gonna give like the long haul benefits. You still need to train a lot. You still need to go after, you know, volume of training. Like cycling, there's no, like, substitution. Cycling takes a lot of time, no matter which way you cut it. If you're doing a triathlon...and that's why I always hated triathlons. I ain't got no time for cycling, personally. I'm a swimmer. And so if you are cycling, you got to spend a lot of time on the bike. And a lot of times we just need to boost volume. And so this is definitely a sport. You guys, you know. Why am I telling you this? This is a sport that takes a lot of time up. And why not be able to boost it just a little bit more for training. If you can increase volume, you're gonna be able to increase your race time when it comes to it. Especially if you have the proper amount of carbohydrates and the other nutrition is all in line that you don't want your muscle fatigue to hit you. So this is like all this stuff here is trying to prevent muscle fatigue, or increasing the usage of oxygen, or actually decreasing the amount of oxygen needed to perform a reaction. Which is like what's really cool about some of this stuff here.

Choline Bitartrate & AlphaSize Alpha-GPC

Now, after this we have...and I love this. I've talked about this on, like, a few other supplement reviews here. Choline in two different forms. You have choline bitartrate, which is like 41% choline by weight, you have a gram of that. So we have already 410 milligrams of choline right off the bat, which is more than you get. Choline is a vital nutrient that's often found in egg yolks, and we're big on eggs in this channel. I talk about it all the time, and I do recommend you eat your eggs and all that. But anyway, choline is really good for cognitive focus. It helps you create more acetylcholine, which is known as the learning neurotransmitter in our brains, and you get focused. You get a little bit more mind muscle, or at least I get a little bit more mind muscle connection when training.

So you have one form of choline and then you have an even more bioavailable form of choline after that, a full 600 milligrams of AlphaSize Alpha-GPC, which is another form here that is more bioavailable and seems to work. But what we've noticed here...and so Alpha-GPC is more expensive. That's why you have a little bit less of it for whatever reason. What we've noticed here is that the regular choline bitartrate, when paired with Alpha-GPC, seem to just be better, in general. There's like a cost-effectiveness matrix where I would like to have like the high dose of this but then like a nice dose of the more expensive one, and they come together and you just get a good ass feeling, good focus. And it turns out that this dose of Alpha-GPC 600 milligrams, which is's a 50% blend. Fifty percent of it needs to be bound to silica, because it's kind of like a sticky, goopy kind of mess.

So anyway, what you have here is a dosage that actually has research behind it in terms of power. But it also, when you're an endurance athlete...and so that's, you know, like leg power in terms of, like, leg extension power, which is good for cyclists. But is it endurance based? And the answer is yes, in different ways. Choline often gets depleted when you're doing endurance athletics. And once it's the depleted you just get the brain fog. And you might, you know, some people might think that they're carb bonking, and maybe that is the case. Other times though, you're actually just like depleted on choline, or just depleted on sulfur and all that stuff. And that's why we have like the taurine providing the sulfur. And the choline here providing, you know, more acetylcholine so you don't get depleted as much, because you need to restore this. Endurance athletics do wear down the choline stores. And when you run out, you're just gonna feel like. So. Am I allowed say that on these channels? I don't even know. I think Matt Mosman is okay with that. I haven't really busted that word out for a long time on this channel, if ever. So I get excited about this stuff, apologies. So anyway, we have the two forms of choline,


And then I'm gonna skip a little bit to the huperzine-A. Now, this is another way, what we call playing defense. So the choline plays offense, like, by increasing the amount of acetylcholine. Huperzine-A is an ingredient a nootropic focus-boosting ingredient that works by actually keeping our acetylcholine levels around longer. Our brains and our bodies, we love to have homeostasis. If we see like, hey, we have temporarily a whole bunch of extra choline a bunch of extra acetylcholine, over the course of time your body knows how to break it down and everything. Well, that's great. But right now I don't wanna break it down. I wanna use my choline for my actual workout, and training, and focus, and I wanna feel good for a little bit.

So anyway, what you could do is you could turn down the acetylcholinesterase, which is the enzyme that breaks down the acetylcholine if we have a bit much of it. And so for temporary purposes, we use huperzine-A which helps bring down, it downregulates the guy that brings down our choline, which means we're indirectly keeping choline a little bit higher during this workout. And that's all we're looking for here. And this is honestly a pretty good dose as well, 0.2 milligrams, which means 200 micrograms. That's on the high end of things, so you get a good bit of focus choline pop in this one. And I feel it.


So after that we have ActiGin, which is a trademark ingredient from a supplement ingredient supplier known as NuLiv Science. And so this is a combination of Panax notoginseng and Rosa roxburghii. Yeah, rosa roxburghii. And so Rosa roxburghii, and so this one decreases muscular inflammation, and helps increase VO2 max, and increases time to exhaustion. So it takes you longer to get exhausted, which is exactly what an endurance athlete wants.

And so this is a very unique, like, adaptogenic herb. Panax notoginseng is kinda like, you know, ginseng. And it's a feel-good agent that helps regulate hormone levels in a way. And so ActiGin is one that we see a little bit less in the sports nutrition side of things, but it makes a total amount of sense here in the endurance world. Because NuLiv Science also has one called AstraGin. This is ActiGin, so our regular users shouldn't get them confused here.

There was one other thing. Oh, so one thing, a lot of people who do intermittent fasting always talk about autophagy. It's a very controversial thing is we don't know a whole enough about it. And autophagy is basically like cell death. We wanna kill off all the bad cells when we're fasting. And then that allows us to rejuvenate new, fresh, good cells.

Well, I'll tell you one time I don't want cells dying and that's when I'm training, or at least training for a race, or training in the middle of a race. So, well, this actually prevents autophagy from happening. Now, autophagy is good possibly, or really good for certain events. I don't want it when I'm in a race. I want my cells to be very alive and well, and ActiGin will help prevent the autophagy. So take that for what it is if you're big into intermittent fasting. And wouldn't you know, this is gonna break your fast anyway because it's got carbohydrates and a whole bunch of stuff like beets in it and all that.

So anyway, this helps it work in a very, very interesting pathway, and it goes contrary to what a lot of the other people say about autophagy. It's all about like when we want certain processes to happen and when we don't want them to happen, and right now is a don't time. So that's the ActiGin, kind of a unique different thing here as well that you're not gonna see out of your standard old endurance supplement athlete company.

So then after that, we have the extended energy & endurance blend, and we have Cluster Dextrin. I talked about that right in the beginning. So 10 grams of carbs hitting me.

Citrulline Malate

And then citrulline malate, six grams of it. So citrulline malate is L-citrulline bond to malic acid and...or blended with malic acid. It kind of depends. But overall, it's gonna provide us three grams of L-citrulline. L-citrulline is a nitric oxide booster. Like I said earlier, it's gonna help vasodilate your veins, and open up your veins and blood vessels for a little bit more nutrient delivery, a little bit more power, a little bit more strength, and possibly a little bit more endurance out of the whole charade.

And it works by converting into L-arginine, and then the L-arginine goes and creates more nitric oxide. Now, a lot of you out there may be like, "Well, why not just take L-arginine then?" And that's because you're gonna be on the toilet, and that's the last thing be on during the race or on a long bike ride. Because high-dose L-arginine, it's not as bioavailable. It gets broken down too easily in the small intestines. And while yeah, if you slam a ton of L-arginine you will boost nitric oxide levels. You're also gonna boost toilet levels. We avoid that completely by skipping the process of the small intestine for a little while, get the citrulline further on down the path. And then, later on, it gets converted to L-arginine, which gets converted to nitric oxide and does all of its magic. And that happens later on down the path.

So really good, we have two different nitric oxide boosters in the beetroot and in the L-citrulline. And so this is like...a lot of people who saw this were like not just weight trainers. They saw this, they're like, "Oh, wow, this has a lot of stuff that I want for weight training too." This doesn't necessarily need to be an endurance supplement. Let's put it that way.


After that, we have 200 milligrams of elevATP. Now, this is another ingredient that comes from an ingredient supplier known as FutureCeuticals, and it actually comes from ancient peat and apple extract. And ATP is really the currency of energy in your cells. Like, your cells don't care about calories. Like, there's no calorie receptor on your cells or anything like that. They are actually dealing with ATP, adenosine triphosphate. That's how they make energy-based reactions happen, and that's what gets transferred amongst cells for actual energy to be produced.

And what we found is that we can exogenously take in some compounds that actually, like elevATP, they actually boost ATP levels as well. So we're just like throwing energy at our mitochondria, which are like the powerhouse cells that deal with this ATP currency, and we just throw and blanket down with a little bit more of this stuff. Then what happens is that you get more power and assumingly more endurance as well. I have to check if we have an endurance study on this. But in general, this is more of a theoretical one. We do, I think, have studies on the power side of things, not as much on...I don't have a specific study for endurance, but like everything else in here is like really, really close to endurance.

Infinergy Di-Caffeine Malate

And then after that, finally, we have two different forms of caffeine, which I think is a smart play. You have 150 milligrams of caffeine anhydrous. That's basically straight up caffeine, no water, no nothing bound to it. It's just dry caffeine. But you then have 135 milligrams of Infinergy, which is a trademark form of dicaffeine malate. Likens with citrulline malate, we have something bound to the malic acid. They're doing the same thing with caffeine. And if you bind it to another compound here, then it takes your body a little bit longer to break that down. You have to break that down first, then the caffeine can go do its work. And then with the dicaffeine malate, you actually get a longer energy curve because you're not gonna have just a spike and crash like you would with caffeine anhydrous. You actually have caffeine that's kind of like slow dripped in your system, which is incredible for endurance reasons.

Now, I have tried the dicaffeine malate all alone.It just doesn't seem to cut it though. And some of your formulators like to pair them up together, when we're trying to go for this mixed kind of blend. And overall though, at the end of the day, you're getting 250 milligrams of caffeine from this supplement.

So that is the label. I know this is the longest review and everything. But at the end of the story is that a lot of people who are endurance athletes are kind of wary of a lot of these supplements. And you know, you maybe you should be. But you have a company here whose run by an endurance athlete, who has been in this industry for like well over a decade and has been doing tons of research. And he's found that a lot of stuff that the gym bros are using actually applies even more, even more, to the endurance athletes. So yeah, while you can have these other companies selling you waffles and stuff, that's great if you're like a carb addict and you're basically just all in like carb mode. That's fine.

But there's other stuff you could do on the amino acid levels to keep your lactic acid levels low, to keep your VO2max higher. And a lot of times this works really well. It works best for like the mid-level athletes. If you're like super elite athlete, then I don't know if you're gonna get much. Like the PeakO2 study for instance, that didn't get as much results out of elite athletes. It does get it out of the intermediate to moderate advanced, like, type of athlete though.

Why PerformElite X Is The Best Endurance Supplement Ever Created

And that's kind of who we're targeting here. So you got a month left. You have 20 training sessions left or something like that, and you wanna throw everything you can at this race. Then my recommendation is to give it a shot with PerformElite X. I am a fan. I am a fan of Matt Mosman. Obviously, I'm a fan of this company. I'm a fan of this brand. I'm a fan of this product. My review, if you're still waiting for me to say how it worked for me, I am not training for an endurance athlete event right now. But I do notice when I take this, I'm not sore. And I've been like hitting the heavy bag with this. That's kinda like my like high-intensity interval training is three minutes on, one minute off. It's perfect for the beta-alanine by the way.

And so what I'm noticing though is I'll go an extra two rounds and not even care. And so there's definitely something good about this stuff. And the taste, the beet is definitely there, but they work with it really well. And it has like nearly every single thing I would want if I was like getting into panic mode for that race and wanted to just throw some serious mileage in.

My name is Mike Roberto. If you're still here, thanks for watching, much appreciated. Check out EndurElite. Sign up for our alerts on But PerformElite X is about as badass as it's gonna get for a pre-workout supplement based on endurance. And they have a whole lot of other cool stuff coming. I know there's a little sleep supplement coming. Actually, they sent me these ElectroElite pills. Apparently, you're supposed to mix it with water. But I didn't even realize that. It's kind of a salt pill with a bunch of potassium, magnesium, all that stuff. I just put it right on my tongue, fizzled, tastes pretty good actually.

So anyway, that's all we got for now. But I think we're gonna be coming back with some more stuff, because everyone really, really, really appreciated this on our channel. I didn't really know how they would react on like Instagram and everything, because we aren't always endurance athletes. But it turns out we do have some people following along who would like this kind of thing. And so if that's you, then give it a shot. It definitely does cost a little bit more than your average pre-workout supplement because of all these monster doses. But dude, you don't wanna get embarrassed on race day. Throw every last 1% at it. This is part of that.

We'll see you next time. Thank you.

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