The 4 Best Endurance Supplements

Supplements for Endurance Athletes

The best supplements for endurance

As it relates to endurance athletes there is more to be said about supplementation than carbs and electrolytes.

Yes, there is also protein and BCAAs, but all of these are found in typical, everyday food items. To call them supplements is a bit of a misnomer even though “supplementing” them into the diet with powders, gels, or tabs can be a helpful strategy.

Here are the 4 most effective, research-backed supplements for endurance athletes.

#1 Supplement for Endurance Athletes: Caffeine

  • Dosage & Timing: 3-6mg/kg bodyweight 60 minutes before exercise

Can’t start the day without it! The most loved and studied of all supplements, caffeine has robust performance-enhancing effects.

It works by blocking receptors that make us feel pain and sleepiness while enhancing lipolysis and the ability for muscle contraction.

Collectively, the research on caffeine supports its use at a dose of 3-6 mg/kg bodyweight (~200-400 mg) to enhance both short and long-distance performance.

#2 Supplement for Endurance Athletes: Beta-Alanine

  • Dosage & Timing: 3.2 - 6 grams daily. Timing does not matter.

Carnosine is a molecule found in high levels in animals renowned for their running capacities like horses and racing dogs. This is no coincidence.

Carnosine buffers lactic acid to permit extended durations of high-speed activity. However, carnosine supplementation doesn’t increase body levels of carnosine.

What can we do? Carnosine is composed of histidine and beta-alanine, and beta-alanine is the rate-limiting component.

Supplementing beta-alanine increases carnosine levels and improves cardiovascular performance.

#3 Supplement for Endurance Athletes: Nitrates (Beet Root)

  • Dosage & Timing: 1600 - 10,000mg sixty minutes before exercise.

Every movement requires energy, and as we all know, exercise requires incredible quantities of energy.

Nitrates/Beet Root Powder reduce the amount of energy required for every muscle contraction. This means less oxygen is required for the same intensity of exercise with nitrate supplementation.

Obviously, performance is enhanced because the athlete can go just a little faster than usual for an entire race.

#4 Supplement for Endurance Athletes: Ginseng

  • Dosage & Timing: 200 - 400mg daily. Timing does not matter.

An herb from ancient oriental medicine, ginseng is another famous supplement with a full profile of health benefits.

Of interest to endurance performance, ginseng reduces oxidation, inflammation, muscle damage, and lactate production while enhancing blood flow.

Where Can I Find All These Supplements for Endurance Athletes?

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