The Difference Between Lactate Threshold And Maximal Lactate Steady State

EndurElite Chief Endurance Officer Matt Mosman discusses the differences between lactate threshold, maximal lactate steady state, and VO2 max and which one is the best predictor of endurance performance success.

  1. Lactate threshold and maximal lactate steady state are both important physiological variables that could predict success as an endurance athlete.
  2. Lactate threshold is where blood lactate concentrations increase above resting value when an athlete hits a certain speed of movement or percentage of VO2 max.
  3. Maximal lactate steady state occurs when lactate accumulation equals lactate clearance in the body during exercise.
  4. The research suggests that the athlete with a higher maximal lactate steady state will be able to perform better for longer.
  5. For the full article on lactate threshold vs. maximal lactate steady state vs. VO2 max go here.