The Love - Performance Connection: Exploring The Link

Love - Performance Connection: Exploring The Link

It’s about that time, and Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. The question is… Do you have a Valentine this year? If you do and you’re an endurance athlete, you may have a leg up on your competition. Yes, I’m hinting at the fact that there seems to be a correlation between love and athletic performance.

So, if you have that special someone in your life that makes your heart flutter when they’re around you, pay close attention to this article and find out how being in love could be your secret weapon when it comes to improving your athletic performance. Even showing love and receiving it from pets can help!

Let’s dive in!

How to Solve the World’s Problems and Athletic Performance? All You Need is LOVE

Everyone likes to say that love can solve many of the issues in the world today — and they may be right! The feeling of love can do so much for so many, yet it’s not shared enough in today’s society. Well, if you have someone special in your life or have love for something (such as a pet), it may put you at a significant advantage and help you put a whoopin’ on your competitors since love can help improve athletic performance.

No, we’re not joking.

It may seem like somewhere there’s going to be a “HAHA, I tricked you moment,” but there truly isn’t. While we like to have fun, we’re certainly not kidding when we tell you that love actually DOES help improve athletic performance, and there’s some research to back it up.

They even did a study talking about how athletic performance increased in Olympic athletes when they were in love. Maybe that explains all the condoms that are needed at the Olympic Games? I digress.

But in all seriousness, love can provide some athletic performance benefits — so, why not spread more of it and share it this Valentine’s Day?

But let’s take a deeper look into precisely what role love plays in the athletic performance equation.

Love and Athletic Performance: A Match Made in Heaven

It does appear from the research that when it comes to love and athletic performance, they seem to be a match made in heaven. Let’s look at the actual findings as they relate to love and athletic performance. Is it possible that you’re a better athlete because of love?

Being in a relationship can have a significant impact on an individual’s life, and it seems that this also extends to their athletic performance. Studies have found that individuals in romantic relationships tend to have higher levels of motivation, focus, and self-esteem, which can all contribute to improved athletic performance.

Motivation, Focus, & Self-Esteem

For instance, it was found that individuals in romantic relationships had higher levels of motivation to engage in physical activity. This increased motivation can lead to more consistent training, which in turn can lead to improved athletic performance.

In addition to increased motivation, being in a positive romantic relationship can also lead to higher levels of focus. Athletes who reported higher levels of relationship satisfaction also reported higher levels of focus during competition. This increased focus can lead to better performance, as the individual is able to block out distractions and stay focused on their goals.

Self-esteem is another area where being in a relationship can positively impact athletic performance. Athletes who reported higher levels of relationship satisfaction also reported higher levels of self-esteem. Higher self-esteem can lead to a greater sense of confidence, which can be vital for success in athletics.

Security & Confidence

The emotional support and encouragement provided by a romantic partner can also play a role in helping an individual perform better.

It has been noted that athletes who reported higher levels of relationship satisfaction also reported higher levels of emotional support from their partner. This emotional support can help the athlete feel more secure and confident, leading to improved performance.

It’s Not All About Love and Athletic Performance

It’s important to note that while being in a positive romantic relationship can have positive effects on athletic performance, it is not true for everyone. Factors such as training and physical fitness play a bigger role in overall athletic performance, but it doesn’t take away any of the data connecting love and athletic performance.

Additionally, a relationship may negatively affect an individual’s athletic performance if they are experiencing high levels of stress or conflict within the relationship. Clearly, a toxic relationship can take its toll physically and mentally, which can negatively affect athletic performance.

It is crucial to find the balance between personal life and sport and to communicate clearly with your partner about your goals and how they can support you to achieve the highest degree of success.

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Written By: Matt Weik, BS, CSCS, CPT, CSN