What Is Amino Spiking & How To Spot It

EndurElite Chief Endurance Officer Matt Mosman explains what amino spiking is, why it's total BS, and how to spot a protein powder that is amino spiked.

How To Check For Amino Acid Spiking

Ever wonder what amino spiking is, why it’s total bullsh*t, and how to spot it in a protein powder?

  • Amino spiking, also known as nitrogen spiking, is when cheap amino acids are added to a protein powder.
  • It’s total bullshit (and sadly perfectly legal) because this artificially inflates the quantity of protein you are getting per serving (i.e. if the label states 25 grams per serving you may only be getting 15).
  • When protein powder is tested for total quantity the method used is based on the total amount of nitrogen.
  • Since amino acids are nitrogen bearing compound...well, you can see what happens….adding cheap amino acids can throw the “true” protein quantity off by quite a bit.
  • If you ever see the amino acids glycine, glutamine, taurine, alanine, creatine, or arginine in the “other ingredients” section of a supplement facts panel you can rest assure it is amino spiked and you’re getting ripped off.
  • Take home point? Say no to amino spiking and avoid protein powders that use this shitty tactic like the plague.
  • For the full video/article on amino spiking go here.