Why PerformElite Is The Best Pre-Workout Supplement For Obstacle Course Racing

EndurElite Chief Endurance Officer Matt Mosman discusses how the ingredients found in PerformElite pre-workout supplement can enhance obstacle course racing performance.

Video Transcription:

Why PerformElite Is The Best Pre-Workout Supplement For OCR

Everyone: Ah-hooh. Ah-hooh.

Man: They look thirsty.

Leonidas: Well let's give them something to drink.

Matt: Yo, Leonidas, this PerformElite should quench their thirst. So, all my Spartan Tough Mudder and other OCR friends, that's what you can expect when you take EndurElite's pre-workout PerformElite before your OCR training session and races. Minus all the blood, guts, and swords and things like that. I kinda actually just wanna go watch "300" now and not actually shoot this video. But I'll do it anyways.

How PerformElite Pre-Workout Improves Obstacle Course Racing

So today we're gonna talk about how our PerformElite pre-workout can enhance your obstacle course racing performance. Now, full disclosure, I've never done an obstacle course race before but after talking to a few elite racers like Raya Coble, Matt Cumson, Cole Schwartz, and Brian Whiskey, I have a pretty good idea of all the different physiological systems used and how PerformElite can kind of fit into those to improve endurance performance.

Now I'm gonna state right off the bat that these guys and gals that are doing OCR races are grinding it out every day. And the training is really gonna predict most of their success. But there are some things you can do outside of training and diet like supplementation that can give you a competitive edge. And that is where PerformElite comes in.

Now to be successful as an obstacle course racer, you need to have energy to perform, you need to have speed, you need to have strength, you need to have stamina, you need to be able to keep muscle acidity and lactic acid at bay. And all these things can mean the difference between, you know, a subpar performance or a PR.

So today what we're really going to discuss again, is how certain ingredients in our PerformElite pre-workout can help you maximize your obstacle course racing performance. Now PerformElite isn't like a typical pre-workout like the Gym Bros take. PerformElite is designed specifically for more endurance type athletes like obstacle course racers.

What Makes PerformElite Different From Other Pre-Workouts

Now the first thing that really sets PerformElite apart besides its ingredients is really three different things. One, we have a fully transparent label so you know exactly what ingredients and how much of each of those you are getting. Two, there are zero proprietary blends. And three, we use ingredients backed by multiple clinical research studies in the efficacious amounts. There's a lot of other companies that will put really good ingredients in a product that look good on the surface, but they fairy dust so little of it in that it doesn't make a difference at all.

So, let's just hop in to about, you know, five or six of the main ingredients in PerformElite. There's a 10 in total but we don't wanna make this video about 30 minutes long and keep you too long. So we'll just discuss five of the main ingredients in PerformElite and how these can optimize your endurance performance.

How Beetroot Powder Benefits Obstacle Course Racing

Now, the first one in here is beetroot powder. Now a lot of you are pretty familiar with beetroot powder. There's a lot of standalone beetroot products on the market which are absolutely awesome. Big fan of beetroot powder but do you know how it works? So, beetroot works by lowering the oxygen and ATP cost of exercise. Basically mean that hard exercise seems a lot easier after you take beetroot powder. And this is basically because beetroot contains a high source of nitrates, and nitrates vasodilate blood vessels so you go from something like this to this.

This means more blood flow going to working muscles and can sustain muscular contractions stronger for longer. So again, beetroot powder lowers the oxygen cost and ATP or energy cost of exercise. And the amount found in the PerformElite is 1,600 milligrams that yields 500 milligrams of nitrates or the clinical amount shown to enhance endurance performance anywhere from about 5% to 20% according to some research studies. So that's one of the first main ingredients.

How Beta-Alanine Improves OCR Performance

The second one and one you're all probably familiar too is beta-alanine and this is dosed at 3.2 grams or a clinical dose. Now from previous videos, you know that beta-alanine acts as almost like a muscle acidity buffer. So when you ingest beta-alanine, that's converted to carnosine. Now carnosine is actually what acts as the intermuscular buffer, muscle acidity buffer.

So let's just say you hop off an obstacle and you're sprinting towards the next one, muscle acidity is gonna rise a little bit because the intensity is getting harder. You're gonna depend more on anaerobic glycolysis which one of the end products that is lactic acid which could basically accumulates a bunch of hydrogen ions in your muscles and it makes the muscle more acidic. But beta-alanine/ carnosine comes in and says, "Uh-uh, muscles. You ain't getting acidic on my time," and kind of keeps it at bay.

So beta-alanine is extremely effective for battling muscle acidity, especially when the efforts are about two to four minutes long at a really intense high-level effort. We're talking about 90% above or above of a maximum heart rate.

How Caffeine Enhances Obstacle Course Racing

Now, another one in here is caffeine anhydrous and pure energy. So these are two forms of caffeine found in PerformElite and they both yield...the total amount of caffeine in PerformElite is about 215 milligrams which is an efficacious dose. In general, you wanna consume about three to six milligrams of caffeine per kilogram body weight to get a really endurance enhancing effect.

So, with the caffeine anhydrous, very well studied, shown to improve time-trial performance, delay fatigue, things of that nature by anywhere from about 5% to 15%. Now we added the pure energy and caffeine in there because it extends the half-life of caffeine. So caffeine anhydrous by itself has a half-life of about six hours. When you combine it with the pure energy, you get a half-life of about eight hours.

And the really cool thing about this is with those two forms of caffeine found in PerformElite, it gives you massive amounts of energy, it delays fatigue, can improve reaction time and focus which is very important I assume when you're climbing over obstacles or towards the end of the race when you're getting more fatigued and can't stay focused. So, both forms of caffeine work really, really well to enhance endurance performance in there.

Now you might be saying, "Well caffeine gonna dehydrate me if I take it before a race." And that's a bunch of bologna. That is all based on a myth back from 1960. So there is no truth that caffeine will dehydrate you or make you pee more than just ordinary water. So, I would say if you don't have a caffeine in a pre-workout designed for endurance athletes, you're not doing the right way. Caffeine hands down is probably the most researched and clinically proven ingredients/supplement shown to enhance endurance performance outside of carbohydrates, if you consider carbohydrates a supplement.

How Choline Improves Focus In Obstacle Course Racing

So, that's caffeine. Let's cover one more of these ingredients in PerformElite. And this is choline and Huperzine A. So choline does a couple different things. Choline can actually help you focus and then it can also facilitate efficient nerve impulses to make sure muscles are contracting efficiently and not kind of getting spazmatic on you, for lack of a better word. And then when you combine it with Huperzine, that basically keeps choline in the system longer and prevents it from breaking down quite as much as if you weren't to combine it with Huperzine A. So choline, for focus and then also for efficient nerve impulses to make muscles contract efficiently.

Other Ingredients In PerformElite That Make It The Premium Pre-Workout Supplement For Obstacle Course Racing

Now some of the other ingredients in here, we have taurine which acts as an osmolite which helps with cellular hydration. It also helps with the formation of new blood vessels which more blood vessels equals more blood to working muscles which means more kick-ass performance.

We also have a novel ingredient called Peak O2 which is a mushroom blend that has been shown to improve power in VO2 max. And then we would end this formula up with ActiGin which helps with the absorption of certain ingredients. And then another novel compound called elevATP which helps saturate ATP stores in the body, which we all know ATP is our cellular energy currency. So it kind of tops those off.

So you can see from top to bottom, every single ingredient in PerformElite has a purpose and can contribute to optimal obstacle course racing performance. Now again, training is gonna make the biggest difference in terms of how you perform on the day of the race or your training session. But with a supplement like EndurElite, you can just maximize certain physiological variables that can give you that slight competitive edge and possibly help you set a PR in the process.

So, here's the take-home point. If you're an obstacle course racer, you could take PerformElite and basically replace 99% of the other supplements in your cupboard. It has every ingredient that you want in the efficacious dosing without anything you don't need. Like we didn't include creatine in there or some of these other crazy stimulants like a lot of other pre-workouts.

So, I'm gonna end this video like this. I want you to do your own research on PerformElite and all the ingredients and doses on the back of PerformElite and make a decision for yourself if this was a pre-workout that would work for you. I highly encourage you to go over to examine.com and research all these ingredients. This is an unbiased website that reviews supplements and basically tells you if they work or if they're a bunch of bullshit. So do your homework.

If you feel like it's a great fit, order some PerformElite. And here's the cool thing too, if you get PerformElite and it does not work for you as an obstacle course racer, I offer a 30-day money back guarantee. I am almost 100% certain that each and every one of you is going to love it. But in the small event that you don't or you're a non-responder to some of the ingredients in the PerformElite, I will refund your money. Who else does that? Uh-uh. Nobody. This guy, right here.

I stand behind my products. I try not to push a lot of bro science and I try to push real science as to why PerformElite is the best pre-workout for obstacle course racers.

So, all my Spartan Tough Mudder and OCR other friends, if you have an OCR buddy please share this video with them. If you want other videos like this on obstacle course racing training or nutrition, subscribe to our YouTube channel or head over to the EndurElite blog at www.endurelite.com. Get social with us on Facebook and Instagram. And until next time, stay fueled, stay focused, stay fast, and stay informed.