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Sleep Elite

Sleep Elite

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Sleep. We love it, we look forward to it, we need more of it. It cannot be debated….sleep is important. It helps our bodies recover, assists in long term memory formation, cleanses our brain of toxic proteins and is vital for metabolic processes.

On one hand, lack of sleep can cause a wide range of health issues such as inflammation, loss of focus, lower testosterone production, and poor cardiovascular health. On the other hand consistent, high-quality sleep can help you perform better mentally, physically, sexually, and make you a happier individual.

With constant stimulation and other life stressors, a deep, restful night's sleep is a rare commodity these days. That's why we developed Sleep Elite. SleepElite contains 12 clinically dosed natural relaxants and anti-stress compounds to help you fall asleep and stay asleep without any next day grogginess. We also added 4 effective recovery compounds to help you bounce back quicker from strenuous training.



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