NutraBio Supports Challenge of Champions MMA Tournament

NutraBio is proud to take an active role in supporting the martial arts community and was at the Challenge of Champions this past week with Team NutraBio in full force. The NutraBio booth was stocked with Super Carb to fuel competitors readying them for their grappling and kickboxing bouts. Super Carb is a complex carbohydrate that that clears out of the stomach quickly. It provides a slow steady release of energy without bloating or gastric upset, making it the perfect energy choice for endurance athletes. Intra Blast and protein shakes were also made available to the competitors, coaches and judges with the purpose of keeping everyone properly fueled and hydrated thorough the day. Challenge of Champions is the largest mixed martial arts competition in the United States. Last year's Challenge of Champions event boasted 1500 competitors of all ages, backgrounds and belt ranks participating in 300 divisions of head-to-head, dual-discipline martial arts competition. The event took place in front of a sold-out crowd of over 4000 spectators. Submission Grappling is one of the largest and fastest growing disciplines in martial arts. This competition’s grappling event showcased competitors in various divisions. Submission grappling is similar to traditional wrestling in its clinch and ground techniques, with the key difference of aiming for a “tap out” submission, using various choke holds and joint locks. Also featured is the Kickboxing competition. This fast paced sparring competition features participants in full protective gear using strategic combinations of punches, kicks and blocks to cleanly land blows on their opponent and outscore them. Also in attendance were NutraBio MMA professional fighters Nick Pace, Julio Arce, Louis Gaudinot and Jimmie Rivera. Jimmie fights in the UFC and is currently competing with a 2-0 undefeated record. Nick Pace recently won the CFFC Bantamweight Championship title and looks to continue his rise. 1114 111 1118 1116 1115 1113 1119 11117 IMG_7308 IMG_7223 1 Lyman Good