A New Way to Use a Staple Supplement, NutraBio PRE

When it comes to diet and exercise, I am most frequently asked about what supplements I use. I’ve always found that interesting. You would think that I would be asked more about what I eat and what sort of physical activities and workouts I prefer; but interestingly, that’s not the case. So, I thought I’d talk about a supplement I routinely use, but use in a different way. And, I thought I’d put a spin on it and focus on the explanation of why I use it differently. The supplement I am talking about it NutraBio’s PRE. Yes, I’m sure you’re familiar with it, right? You’re aware of its benefits for power, strength, endurance, and increased recovery, right? Right now, you’re thinking, yes, I already take this supplement before my workout – and I know and love the benefits. But what if I told you there’s another way you can use it. Interested? Well then read on. I often use NutraBio’s PRE to improve my cognitive ability, attention span, focus, mood, vigilance, and reaction time. Sure, these attributes help bolster your workout, but they can also have many other applications. For example, when I was in college, I’d occasionally take a serving of PRE to help me focus better, learn better, and perform better during lectures and exams. I’d sometimes drink it for study sessions. I found it made me more productive and efficient, which allowed me to have time for other fun things while in college – like sports, lifting, and socializing! 😊 To this day, I still take advantage of these benefits for my work. When I really need to focus and learn something new during my job, I’ll be certain to sip on some PRE while engaging in that new activity. Or if I have a tight deadline and need to put together a presentation or training – PRE is by my side. Even now, while drafting this very article, I am drinking NutraBio’s PRE. It’s a tool that I utilize to increase my productivity and improve my mood and it’s a tool I’m very thankful for! Within the active ingredients of PRE, the most studied ingredient demonstrating these favorable properties is caffeine. Caffeine alone has been shown to increase brain function in the short term, improve your mood, enhance reaction time and vigilance, and help with alertness. And that’s just caffeine. As you likely already know, PRE has other ingredients in it to help with focus and performance as well. So while coffee may be a viable alternative, it likely won’t produce the same level of benefits as PRE. So, there’s a spin on a new way to use an old supplement. You’ve already been taking PRE for its workout benefits, why not try using PRE for the other benefits it has. Next time you need to perform well on a test, learn something new, pay attention longer, meet a deadline, improve your reaction time, or just be down-right productive, grab some PRE, swig it down, and enjoy the many, many benefits! One last note – a caveat I need to put out there – just be aware of how much caffeine you consume in a day. You don’t want to overdo it. Everyone is very different. Some people are much more sensitive to the impacts of caffeine than others. While it may be tempting to drink PRE all day long to be uber-productive, just remember too much of anything can be a bad thing.