Clear BCAAs

bcaas clearHere are five samples. The four cloudy samples are the most common instantized BCAA used in most brands on the market. Ours is the middle sample, the absolute crystal clear sample. Clarity does not always mean purity, it’s merely a characteristic of the chemical itself. If you’re drinking water you expect it to be crystal clear, but if you’re drinking milk, you would be pretty suspicious if it wasn’t white. So don’t always believe the bullshit marketing hype out there. In the case of BCAA’s, clarity is important because pure leucine, isoleucine and valine (the three aminos that make up BCAA’s) should be clear according to their chemical characteristics. There are two reasons why 4 of these samples are cloudy: First, BCAA is not totally water soluble, so most companies use emulsifiers to instantize their BCAA. Most brands use soy lecithin as the emulsifier, and it’s the soy that causes the cloudiness. NutraBio’s new BCAA is crystal clear because it’s pure, no emulsifiers added, no soy added, absolutely no anything. Just 100% L-Leucine, L-Lysine and L-Isoleucine. Second: Since BCAA is not water soluble, particles tend to stay in suspension in the liquid. That means you have “floaters” in your drink. This has no bearing on the quality and purity of the BCAA, however it does taste like crap and has a terrible mouth feel. So, in the case of BCAA, clarity is important. NutraBio BCAA is crystal clear because we use no chemical emulsifiers to instantize the BCAA and it virtually dissolves in water so you have no floaters. We don’t put any additives in our products. Our products are either 100% pure or have a some flavor added, and you can choose either. -Mark G.