Congratulations to Shaun Clarida, Mr. Olympia 2020!

Shaun Clarida made a promise to himself in 2007 that he would one day become Mr. Olympia. The bodybuilding world doubted him: “impossible” was the general consensus claiming Shaun was too small and short to ever make pro. About that time Shaun became an avid user of NutraBio supplements. For the next 12 years he dedicated his life one singular goal... proving everyone wrong, achieving the impossible and becoming Mr. Olympia. In 2019 he finished 3rd at the Olympia… but that wasn’t good enough for him. NutraBio teamed up with Shaun because we felt and saw something in him that made us believe history was about to be made. His drive, enthusiasm, focus, and determination were unlike anything we’ve witnessed. When you looked him in the eyes, it was like looking into a crystal ball. Greatness was in the making. In 2020, Shaun made Olympia history as the 3rd ever 212 lb. division Mr. Olympia!

We set out to showcase Shaun's journey through the pandemic, his old school training protocol, his recovery techniques, the hell and heartache he endured, and the moment his dream became a reality. Follow along as we’ve captured what it takes to overcome adversity and be the last man standing. The "Eyes on the Prize" 5-part video series documents the months leading up to the show and his monumental triumph.

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