Designer Anabolic Steroid Control Act (DASCA) of 2014 Signed into Law

Designer Anabolic Steroid Control Act (DASCA) of 2014 signed into law. The law aims to protect consumers from potentially dangerous anabolic steroids falsely marketed as dietary supplements. The law gives regulators and enforcement bodies more power to act quickly to remove these adulterated products from the market and to impose harsher penalties on violators. The law lists various “ando” ingredients that are considered controlled anabolic steroids. Look closely at the law and you will note this statement which further defines a controlled anabolic steroid as: "a drug or hormonal substance (other than estrogens, progestins, corticosteroids, and dehydroepiandrosterone) that is not listed in subparagraph (A) and is derived from, or has a chemical structure substantially similar to, 1 or more anabolic steroids listed in subparagraph (A) shall be considered to be an anabolic steroid for purposes of this Act if— ‘‘(I) the drug or substance has been created or manufactured with the intent of producing a drug or other substance that either— promotes muscle growth; or otherwise causes a pharmacological effect similar to that of testosterone.” In other words, the government has written into this law any possible future testosterone precursor that promotes “muscle growth” or “acts like testosterone” that has not yet been defined in the law. This part hasn’t changed since the previous act, but it’s important to understand this. Herbs and herbal extracts are not banned. There are hundreds of fake products on the market today that promise to be anabolic steroids. Many have brand names or ingredients that mimic the names real controlled anabolic steroids but have absolutely no benefit. These products are the modern day version of snake oil sold in the old west. They are nothing more than marketing hype. These products are usually expensive $60 to $150 for a 30-day supply. I guess they figure that by putting a high price tag on them un-informed consumers are more apt to believe they are real. Make the lie big enough and it becomes more believable. Mark Glazier Founder/CEO NutraBio Labs Here is a link to the actual law: