Eyes on the Prize: Episode 4 – Hell, Heartache, Determined to Win


In this episode, it's the final few weeks leading up to not just the BIGGEST bodybuilding show of the year, but the BIGGEST moment of Shaun Clarida's life. Energy is low, carbohydrates are non-existent and Shaun has no strength, but he knows that these final few days of sacrifice are the difference makers. There is no plan B for Shaun. It's WIN or WIN. The Giant Killer is armed, ready, and determined to bring the Sandow home.

Shaun is in what the bodybuilding world refers to as "Peak Week". It's time to ante up and give every last drop of energy to strip every ounce of fat and drop of water off his physique. The only possible outcome is Shaun stepping on stage with his most conditioned, shredded, and muscular look ever and one, never seen before by the judges. Shaun’s determined to get his name written in bodybuilding history as the fifth ever 212lb Mr. Olympia Champion.

Stay tuned for Shaun Clarida's – Eye's on the Prize: Mr. Olympia 2020 finale coming soon where you’ll see Shaun arrive in Orlando with his final preparation to the newly located Olympia Stage. A champion will be crowned; will this year be Shaun's?