How Does PRE Extreme Stack Up?

I am a student at Brigham Young University, studying emergency medical services. I have participated in athletics there but have been more involved with the health and wellness programs on campus. Fitness has been part of my life for years including entering my first natural bodybuilding show when I was 19. Currently I just lift for fun and to stay in shape, but I’m thinking about competing in a show toward the end of the year. I've taken many different pre-workouts throughout the years and after looking at the amounts and researching the ingredients in their "proprietary blends," I was sure I wasn't getting enough of the "good stuff" that I wanted in a pre-workout. pre extreme, preworkout, byu, vascularity It was funny to read things on their labels like "concentrated," knowing that one cannot concentrate something unless there were fillers, and pure ingredients cannot be concentrated any more. It was after that realization that I came across Nutrabio. preworkout, pre extreme, nutrabio, workout, supplement review I had seen PRE Extreme on the website before and was impressed at the ingredient list; it had everything I want in the amounts I need, and now after taking it I can say it definitely delivers. Putting the Cluster Dextrin in the blend was genius, as well as the Creatine HCl, and the Agmatine. My pumps were huge! On arm day my skin felt like it was going to split! From the ingredient list, I can tell that everything put into PRE Extreme has a purpose and when I take it, I can tell a difference in my focus, drive, and energy levels in the gym. Thank you NutraBio for providing such quality products. PRE Extreme, that stuff is incredible. by - Kendrick Burton NutraBio PRE Extreme was recently awarded the PRODUCT OF THE MONTH by SupplementReviews.comproduct-otm