How to Travel Without Compromising your Healthy Lifestyle

By the time you're reading this, I have been traveling for 10 out of the last 11 weeks - with some weekend travel too. While it can be challenging, especially on the family and social life, it doesn't need to derail your healthy lifestyle and fitness goals. Read on for some simple tips to stay on track!

1.) Select hotels strategically

Plan ahead! You are already searching online or calling places to stay so why not ask them one more question? Ask where you can work out. The best option is if your hotel has an affiliation with a local gym where you can train at a full-blown facility for free and take advantage of many amenities you otherwise wouldn’t have access to. If that plan doesn't work, use the hotel’s gym. No gym on site? No worries! Nearly every town I stayed in has a place you can train and they typically offer day passes at reasonable prices. Worst case scenario - get active outside or do some body-weight exercises in your hotel room.

2.) Get to bed early and rise early

Time is frequently cited as the main reason why people can't or don't exercise. When I travel, and I'm away from friends and family, my evenings aren't as busy. So why stay up late? And if you are a night-owl, and do decide to stay up later, then get active! I use travel as an opportunity to go to bed early so I could wake up early and train before work! Bottom line, you have options. Don't make excuses!

3.) Diet on the road

Now, more than ever, there are so many ways to eat a healthy diet while traveling. You can have food delivered to you, stop at a restaurant and have an order customized, or find restaurants that specialize in healthy eating! Not a fan of this approach? Then plan ahead and get your cooler ready. Personally, I like to pre-cook lots of my food in bulk and pack it in a cooler for when I travel via car or rail. Do your homework before you leave and make sure your hotel has a fridge in your room. I also take advantage of the free breakfast that many hotels provide being careful to choose options like hard boiled eggs, fresh fruit, yogurt, oatmeal, spinach, and milk.

4.) NutraBio Supplements

These are very easy to pack and use on-the-go! Protein powders are probably my favorite and most versatile. They always seem to come in handy when I'm in a pinch - you just can't forget a shaker cup! Multivitamins, fish oils, and my joint supplement provide the basic foundation for my healthy lifestyle. And, if you have the space in your suitcase, bring PRE, IntraBlast, and Reload to cover all aspects of your workout! You can make life super easy and order sample packs or you can make your own by labeling zip-lock bags.

That's it. Pretty simple, right? But, you'll notice a trend with all of these tips – if there is a will, there's away! You have to want it and put I some effort!