Introducing NutraBio’s Newest Footballer!

MURCIA, SPAIN - JUNE 07: Danielle Schulmann during the Womens World Cup Qualifier between Spian against Israel at Condomina Stadium on June 7, 2018 in Murcia, Spain. (Photo by Quality Sport Images/Getty Images)

We are honored and proud to welcome Danielle Schulmann as NutraBio’s newest athlete. Danielle is a New Jersey native and currently has been pursuing her passion for soccer on the other side of the world, playing for both a professional soccer club and the Women’s National Team over in Israel.

Ranked as one of the best attackers on the pitch, she continues to expand her international career playing in the UEFA Women’s EURO qualifiers and the World Cup Qualifier for the Israeli National Team. Whether it’s hitting the mitts or bicycle kicking a soccer ball, Danielle impresses everyone she meets with her athleticism and coordination.

During her free time, when she’s not playing professional soccer, she actively loves playing the unique and quite different sport, Footvolley. What is “Footvolley”? Because volleyball is already difficult as it is for some, imagine incorporating any body part as a way of getting the ball over the net! Footvolley is an amazing opportunity for Danielle to stay active during her time off the field but still get to enjoy the beautiful weather, either when she’s on the Jersey Shore or on the beaches of Tel Aviv!

Danielle's Favorite Supplements

Throughout Danielle’s career as a professional soccer player and black belt, she has trusted NutraBio’s products for 15+ years to fuel and improve her workouts. We don’t just bring on any athlete unless we know they trust and actively use our products, so bringing Danielle officially onto the team, was an easy decision! Danielle is a dairy-free and artificial-free athlete so some of her favorite products are our PRE Non-Artificial, Intra Blast Non-Artificial, Curcumin Advanced, and Women’s Multi-Vitamins. Danielle takes full advantage of all the benefits our products have to offer her on and off the soccer pitch.