Lungs, the 2nd Formula in our Wellness Line of Supplements

We are excited to launch Lungs, a premium respiratory support formula. Lungs features the patented Immuno-LP20 as its main ingredient, with a host of other supportive ingredients like NAC, Quercetin, Boswellia extract, and more. All in efficacious dosing, the NutraBio way. There are no fillers or excipients in our capsules.

Lungs is the 2nd formula in our Wellness line with Immune being the first. Our Wellness is a line of premium health optimizing products. Each formula will support a specific purpose such as Immune & Lungs. Each will have efficacious doses of premium ingredients and of course, in the NutraBio way, they will be fully disclosed formulas with 3rd party testing available to the public. We do not use fillers or excipients in our products, just pure active ingredients. Look out for more products to be added to our Wellness line coming soon.

If you purchase our Wellness Stack, a combo of our Lungs and Immune supplements, you will receive a special introductory price and a FREE pill case.