My Drive to Compete

Ever think about competing in the world of bodybuilding?

I’ll be honest with you, I didn’t. After graduating college, I made a goal to go to the gym every day after work. My goal wasn’t to physically look good though, it was to mentally feel good. During my college years, I noticed that I was much happier when I was physically active. I enjoyed how I felt when I went to the gym and I wanted to feel that more often. So at the end of each work day, whether I wanted to or not, I picked myself up and went to the gym.

My driving force.

My initial driving force behind my time spent in the gym was to feel good. I felt good when I worked out and I loved that. That love sparked a desire to learn all I could about living a fit lifestyle. I studied exercise form and nutrition. I applied what I learned to myself and I noticed real changes in my mind and body. I wanted to become the best version of myself. It wasn’t long before I realized that I was studying bodybuilding and it felt only right to begin competing


When I decided to compete, I knew it was important to identify my “why.” Your “why” is what gives everything meaning. Stepping on stage is no small feat. It requires time, sacrifice, determination and dedication. Your “why” is what brings out the internal motivation and force to push you forward when you feel like giving up.

The gym is my meditation.

The gym became my space. I drink my NutraBio Preworkout, I put my headphones on and pull my hat down. I’m in the zone. Lifting brings you to the present moment. You are not worrying about the past or the future. It’s a state of intense focus, flow and harmony. It’s a meditation. I need that time, that meditation, to find my inner peace.

The gym allows me to grow.

Bodybuilding allows growth in so many ways. When we think about bodybuilding, some may think muscle growth, but the gains extend far beyond physical aesthetics. I've learned so much about myself through this sport. I’ve learned how our bodies work and I’ve learned how to care for my body and listen to my body to achieve the best results. The gains are just as mental as they are physical. I've grown in my mentality to find the strength to push past discomfort and overcome obstacles.

The gym makes me better.

Bodybuilding opened up a whole new world to me. Learning how I could grow in and out of the gym is invigorating. It gives me the drive to be better extending far beyond the gym walls. It has taught me self control, discipline, structure, routine and most importantly, it has given me the drive to be better. As a professional bikini competitor, my drive remains the same. My “why” is my foundation. It’s the feeling of happiness, the joy of the present moment, the challenge of pushing past the comfort zone. I don't want to remain the same. This passion is what fuels me to drive forward. My hope is that my passion will inspire others to do the same.