NutraBio Announces Tiered Training for ALL of GNC Nationwide

GNC carries NutraBio's Kosher, Halal, 100% disclosed Whey Protein Isolate
NutraBio is proud to announce our tiered training protocol for GNC regions nationwide! After pilot testing our training in Manhattan and different regions in Ohio, Florida, Massachusetts, and Pennsylvania, we've created a system personalized to each region's sales goals and scheduling. Not only does our training boost knowledge of NutraBio, it creates a very in depth understanding of supplement fact panels and how to interpret products, in addition to an introduction to how the industry is regulated and what requirements there are in manufacturing and labeling supplements. With these new assets we’ve found a direct translation to boosts in basket building, and sales confidence.The program is structured as a two part session. Opening up, the sales force is introduced to how NutraBio was formed, out of frustration with contract manufacturers and rampant deception in the industry. From there, regulations and laws of manufacturing and labeling are taught. With this, sales personnel learn how to see deception in labels like proprietary blends, window dressing, inferior whey protein being mixed in, and even amino/nitrogen spikingAfter a brief break, we then move into training specific to NutraBio products. During this we explore our manufacturing facility and how it differs from many in the industry, how we create products without compromise (Full label disclosure, full therapeutic doses, no fillers/excipients), and then breaking down our products with key selling points. To finish the session, we show stacks that fulfill regional sales goals, include NutraBio, and create synergistic effects with a full, well rounded basket.
NutraBio's CEO and Founder training Manhattan region on DHSEA and FDA regulations of dietary supplements
As the first company to remove all proprietary blends, fillers and additives by instating full label disclosure in every single product of ours, we believe the best way to help you sell quality product regiments is making you the most educated sales team in the industry. This training is available to all markets and regions effective immediately.
NutraBio Key Account Manager and GNC Team Lead Benjamin Kane educated GNC Manhattan region on Nutrabio's manufacturing and ingredient efficacy
We have a few options on how to set up and time these trainings: Option 1:
  • One meeting with managers only – estimated 1.5 hours
  • Two or three meetings associates attending the time/date that best suits their schedule- estimated 1 hour 30 minutes for each
The meetings can be one day, at one location, or spread out over multiple days and locations, whichever is more convenient. Option 2:
  • Two or three meetings for entire staff attending whichever time/date that best suits their schedule- estimated 2 hours for each
Again the meetings can be one day, at one location, or spread out over multiple days and locations, whichever is more convenient.You know your region best, if neither of the options seem like they will work for your region, or if you have something that you feel we are missing, let me know what can be edited and we will do our best to accommodate you. Contact NutraBio Key Account Manager Benjamin Kane at to schedule a training today!