Podcast Interview: NutraBio CEO & Founder Mark Glazier

stt-fb Recently, NutraBio CEO & Founder Mark Glazier was interviewed by Robert Taylor, Strength and Conditioning Coach, Conditioning Specialist, Persoanl Trainer, Founder of Smarter Team Training (STT) and host of the SMARTER Team Training Audio Interview Series. The podcast series was developed to share insights from some of the best coaches, trainers, parents, athletes and insiders in the fitness industry. adf Mark, never being one to shy away from giving an honest answer, breaks down the supplement industry and discusses the honest truth. In the interview, Mark discusses topics such as: FDA regulations, proprietary blends, drug testing, athletes and politicians impact on the supplement industry.

Listen to the interview below:

(The sound quality does improve after a minute)

Mark explains how and why he started his own supplement company and what obstacles he had to overcome in order to be successful. NutraBio has been an industry leader and never compromised, always trying to give the consumer what they deserve, a safe product that is effective. Positive change has started in the sports supplement industry as the concept of removing proprietary blends and additives is now becoming popular marketing buzz. After so many years, Mark admits it is nice to see that other brands are following NutraBio’s lead. For more interviews from the SMARTER Team Training Audio Interview Series, click HERE.