NutraBio Chewy Chocolate Bars

chewy chocolate barNUTRABIO CHEWY CHOCOLATE ALMOND BARS Recipe by Team NutraBio Member Liz Jackson Dry ingredients: 1 30g serving Almonds, ground to Almond Flour/meal 1 serving (1/2 cup) Old Fashioned Oatmeal, ground to oat flour 4 scoops NutraBio Vanilla Whey Isolate or Muscle Matrix protein ½ tsp salt 3 Stevia in the Raw Packets (OR 1 syringe of Liquid Stevia Extract), To Taste Wet Ingredients: 2 measured servings Peanut Butter (64g) ¼ cup water, divided-may need more 1 tsp vanilla extract Liquid Stevia (if not using packets-see above) Topping: 1.5 servings of 60% Chocolate Chips (you can use whatever type you like-semi sweet, dark, milk, etc.) ½ serving (16g) regular peanut butter. Directions for Protein Bars: Mix all the dry ingredients together in a medium bowl. Warm the peanut butter in the microwave for 30 seconds and then stir, re heat if needed to make it runny. Add The Vanilla extract to the peanut butter and stir, and then add the peanut butter to the dry ingredients-stirring well. *The mixture will be very dry.* Add the water a little bit at a time, stirring as you add- be careful to not add too much water or it will become too wet and the bars won’t keep form after freezing. When the protein and peanut butter base will form into a ball you have added enough water. Press the mixture into a parchment lined 8x8 pan. Directions for the topping: Put the chocolate in a small microwavable bowl and microwave for 30 seconds, stir and then add the peanut butter. Microwave again for 20-30 seconds, being careful not to burn the chocolate. Stir together until well incorporated and spreadable. Spread on top of the protein base-top with chopped almonds or more chocolate if you desire! Freeze for 30 minutes and then cut into bars-serves 10. These store best in the fridge but will be fine out of the fridge for several hours. Macro Count (approximate)-serving 10 Calories: 135 Protein: 13g Fat: 6g Carbs: 6g Fiber: 1g Sugar: 1g Special Thanks to NutraBio Team Member Liz Jackson for sharing this recipe. Liz can be reached at