NutraBio Global: Columbia

Team NutraBio traveled from New Jersey to Colombia on February 13-16, 2020, for Expo Fitness South America. Dan Margolis (VP of Sales), Eric Schwartz (VP of Marketing), and athlete Erik Ramirez (IFBB Pro), checked out Medellin and then worked the NutraBio booth at the expo. While there they toured around and experienced the culture, the people, and sites. Luckily Erik Ramirez is originally from Colombia, so they had a built-in tour guide, and he was able to share what it was like growing up in Columbia.

The first day Dan and Erik checked out the street art in the city of Medellin, they got a real feel for the city, seeing all the graffiti and street dancing. Day two was more adventurous. First, the crew visited a coffee farm. They went through the whole process from picking organic beans to splitting them, drying them, grinding, roasting, and finally tasting the freshest cup of coffee you’ll ever have. Colombia is known for its coffee, and it didn’t disappoint! Next, it was on to “The Big Rock” Piedra Del Penol. They climbed 740 very vertical steps up the side of a gigantic rock. The climb was not easy, but the payoff was a beautiful sight. Eric Schwartz is afraid of heights, but he said it was worth it.

Finally, it was expo day, but the group couldn’t start without a pump. They found an outside gym on top of a mountain. This time it was a drive up the mountain, but even that came with challenges as the car got stuck at one point. Once at the top, there was this great outdoor gym that was already decked out in NutraBio colors. After the gym, the team went to the expo and manned the NutraBio booth, giving out samples and spreading the good word about the best supplements in the business.

Stay tuned for part 3!

Some of the team's favorite supplements...

Bottle of Alpha EAA
Bottle of Super Carb
Bottle of Intra Blast