NutraBio Partners with at Olympia 2017!

Written by: NutraBio and Athlete Zane Hadzick

Every September thousands of fitness enthusiasts descend on Sin City to visit supplement booths at the expo center, watch competitions, meet fitness role models, and see who the next Mr. Olympia will be. This is my 5th consecutive year attending the expo, but it was by far the best and most exciting year for me. I was able to represent NutraBio at the booth! This year NutraBio won’s award for Breakout Brand of the Year plus it was's first year back at the Olympia after a brief hiatus! The NutraBio Team and I personally distributed thousands of samples and talked with thousands of people about why NutraBio supplements are the best and highest quality products on the market. I spent the entire time interacting with thousands of people ranging from fans and followers, to first time expo attendees. I was astonished and humbled to see how many people knew me, waited to snap a picture with me, and/or wanted to chat about my fitness journey. I was also amazed with the amount of people who knew about NutraBio and all we stand for. I had in-depth conversations about details on supplement labels and plenty more conversations about non-proprietary blends, protein spiking, and unnecessary added ingredients. This experience was a true testament to the fact that the supplement consumer is becoming better informed and demanding higher standards from the industry! I also had the privilege to introduce NutraBio to plenty of new people. Even when the lines were moving quickly, I had enough time to make a quick statement about the company and all it stands for. I received so many genuine thank-you's and sincere looks of appreciation. I had athletes from other companies approach me and congratulate me for being part of such a reputable company and thank us for what we have done in the industry. I gave away thousands of NutraBio PRE and IntraBlast samples to thankful fans and fitness enthusiasts. But, perhaps the greatest highlight for me was commemorating NutraBio's first Olympia appearance and celebrating NutraBio's Breakout Brand of the Year award by having my picture taken with Mark Glazier - NutraBio CEO - at the booth. This moment was certainly unforgettable! I know this will be the first of many awards NutraBio receives, and I am incredibly grateful to have been part of it! It's such an honor to be part of both NutraBio and - they are booth extraordinarily remarkable companies devoted to changing lives for the better! I really could not have asked for a better Olympia experience. Having the opportunity to work alongside and chat with the CEOs from both companies showed me how much they genuinely care about their customers and making the health and fitness industry a better place. It's not easy to accurately articulate how much fun I had this Olympia and how thankful I am for all the authentic interactions I had. So, thank you all for stopping by to see me, thank you for visiting the NutraBio and booth, and thank you for continually demanding more from me and this industry!!! I hope to see you at the next expo!