NutraBio Raises the Bar with 6 Months of Weekly Supplement Launches

In 2018 we prepared for what was to be our biggest year to date; 2019. We took notes, we listened to valued customer’s opinions, we tested new formulas, supplements, and many new flavors. We set out to launch a new SKU every week for the first 6 months of 2019. This is far beyond what any other sports nutrition company has done previously. These would be for all categories and supps.

Before 2019 was over our goal was to no longer just be known for our quality. That just isn't enough anymore. To be the best in the game we had to up our flavor game.

As if the sports nutrition gods sent him themselves, the NutraBio Flavor God was born. Michael Perez “NutraBio Flavor God” has been honing his skills for years and had a handful of flavors ready to blow our consumer’s minds.

The addition of these new flavors like Dragon Fruit Candy, Strawberry Lemon Bomb, and Grape Berry Crush in our sports nutrition line set a new standard in the industry. The new Breakfast & Snack Series took the protein game to the next level. Never before had protein so clean tasted so good. Beyond new flavors, many new products launched including Alpha-Eaa the industry's first amino acid product with nootropics, and adaptogens.

List of All Supplement Launches Month by Month:

  • January 4th- Dragon Fruit Candy launch in Pre, Intrablast, EAA PURE, and BCAA
  • January 11th- Ashwagandha KSM-66
  • January 18th- Alpha GPC
  • January 25th- Breakfast & Snack Series Launch
  • February 1st- 5-HTP
  • February 8th- Curcumin Advanced
  • February 15th- ALPHA EAA
  • February 22nd- EAA Natural
  • March 1st- Alpha EAA Strawberry Lemonbomb
  • March 8th- Extreme Mass Strawberry Pastry
  • March 15th- Strawberry Lemon Bomb drop in Pre, Intra, & Reload
  • March 22nd- Dragon Fruit Candy Pre-X & Pre Stim-Free
  • March 29th-Micellar Casein Strawberry Ice Cream
  • April 5th- Strawberry Lemon Bomb EAA PURE & BCAA 5000
  • April 12th- Bourbon Banana Nut Whey Isolate
  • April 19th- Caff Plus
  • April 26th- Classic Whey Ice Cream Cookie Dream
  • May 3rd- Choline Bitartrate
  • May 10th- DIM
  • May 17th- Muscle Matrix Strawberry Pastry
  • May 24th- Grape Berry Crush Pre, Intra, & Reload
  • May 31st- EAA & BCAA Natural Strawberry Lemon Bomb
  • June 7th- Grape Berry Crush Alpha EAA
  • June 14th- Classic Whey Strawberry Shortcake
  • June 21st- Grape Berry Crush Pre-X
  • June 28th- Grape Berry Crush BCAA & EAA PURE

Now after launching at least one new supplement a week for these past six months and generating many of the best flavors in the game, the question on everyone’s mind is what will we do next? We are going BIG! Stay tuned for huge announcements and launches coming from HQ very soon!

Dan Margolis
NutraBio Vice President