NutraBio's First Arnold Classic Weekend!!!

NutraBio Booth Arnold Classic 2019

This past weekend was Team NutraBio’s first time showcasing our brand and products at the Arnold Classic! This is one of the largest international shows held yearly and where it all started for Arnold Schwarzenegger in Columbus where he won his first Olympia Title!

The show was packed and difficult to navigate at times through the massive crowds, but the consumers were heard once again as they flooded the NutraBio booth wet sampling all our newest and hottest products and flavors.

For the first time ever we sold product at an event and boy was it exciting! We brought close to 1000 units of assorted new hot products and kept this stock on three 5-foot-wide shelving units going 8 feet high. It was truly a wall of NutraBio. When we set up we were unsure if we overdid it to be honest, but quickly realized half way through Day 1 we didn’t bring enough! By mid-morning on the 3rd day we sold completely out!

Special thank you to everyone who came to support us, to say hello, or to hear about us for the first time ever! We enjoyed speaking to each and every consumer as well as relished the opportunities we had meeting with multiple wholesale accounts and discussing our core commitments to quality, transparency, and how we live by the WITHOUT COMPROMISE code in our lives daily!

In addition, we held our first NutraBio x BioCrew special CrossFit Edition meet up on Friday after the show at Fit Club Columbus! The event was free for anyone to join in a workout coached by Top CrossFit Games Athlete, Sheila Barden! Everyone was pushed to their limits while laughing hysterically with Sheila coaching. They tried exercises they may have never tried before and pushed out PR’s for reps that were never seen before. Thank you to those who came to workout with Team NutraBio and we look forward to seeing you again at our next BioCrew Meet Up! If you’re interested in joining us please JOIN OUR BIOCREW by clicking the link below!


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