Reformulated PRE Stim Free Now Available

A few weeks back we announced the reformulation of our flagship pre-workout PRE. Today we are excited to let our customers know the changes we made in PRE have now been passed on to PRE Stim Free. NutraBio PRE Stim-Free, as the name implies, is our stimulant free version of our PRE formula. We created PRE Stim-Free for those individuals who are sensitive to ingredients such as caffeine, hit the gym late at night, or otherwise want a pre-workout with the performance-boosting ingredients found in PRE minus the stimulants. To that extent we can say PRE Stim-Free is absolutely the most thorough, effective, and purest stimulant free pre-workout in existence. PRE Stim-Free is built upon clinically dosed and scientifically backed ingredients proven to maximize workout performance and produce results. Discussed below are the changes we made to the new PRE Stim Free formula: Change #1: Beta-Alanine Increased From 2.5 Grams To 3.2 Grams Besides creatine and caffeine, Beta-Alanine is one of the most research-proven performance enhancing ingredients. It works by saturating muscle carnosine stores. This helps buffer the negative side effects of hydrogen ion accumulation as exercise intensity increases. Ultimately Beta-Alanine improves exercise performance and delays fatigue when you are working your hardest. We decided to increase the amount of Beta-Alanine in PRE Stim Free to 3.2 grams as the majority of the research agrees that this is the most beneficial dose. Because Beta-Alanine needs to be loaded to have any effect (~15-20 days to saturate muscle carnosine stores), the higher amounts found in the new PRE Stim Free formula will get you there quicker. Change #2: 1.5 Grams of L-Tyrosine Replaces 1.2 Grams Of N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine NutraBio PRE Reformulated For a long time, many supplement companies thought that since N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine (NALT) dissolves better in water that it was superior to L-Tyrosine. Although NALT is more soluble than L-Tyrosine, it is not more bioavailable (the amount your body gets when consumed) according to the research. Several studies have shown L-Tyrosine supplementation can elevate plasma tyrosine levels by 130-276% compared to NALT supplementation which has been shown to increase levels anywhere from 0-25%. The fact is when NALT is being consumed it is not efficiently converted to tyrosine. This is the reason why we replaced NALT with L-Tyrosine in the new PRE Stim Free formula. We also upped the dosing to 1.5 grams which coincides with the available research as it relates to improvements in focus/mood and decreasing stress from exercise. Change #3: Choline Bitartrate Increased From 300mg To 500mg NutraBio PRE Reformulated As the name implies, Choline Bitartrate is formed when choline is combined with tartaric acid. This increases the choline’s bioavailability and in turn, makes it more effective. When supplemented, choline bitartrate increases levels of acetylcholine in the body….a neurotransmitter that stimulates muscle contractions and is required for proper memory, cognition, and motor control. Increasing choline levels can produce a nootropic type effect as well as create longer and stronger muscle contractions. The 500mg of choline bitartrate found in PRE Stim Free yields ~200mg of choline. This amount is often considered a clinical dose as it relates to cognition and exercise performance, and the reason why we upped the dosage. While higher amounts are found in other pre-workouts (1-2 grams), we have found this may lead to headaches in some individuals. Change #4: Taurine Increased From 1.5 Grams To 2 Grams Taurine is best known for its beneficial effects on the heart and cardiovascular system and we put it in PRE Stim Free due to research (Zhang et al., 2004) showing it can improve time to exhaustion, VO2 Max, and maximal workload. Additional research supports these findings when supplemented in 2 gram doses. Change #5: 1.2 Grams Of DL-Malic Acid Included More often than not you will find malic acid in pre-workout formulas as Citrulline Malate. However, what most don't know is the two compounds are usually not molecularly bonded and cannot "officially" be considered citrulline malate. NutraBio is built on full transparency and this is why our malic acid is separately listed from citrulline. Malic acid plays a vital role in the Krebs cycle where it helps turn carbs, proteins, and fats into energy. If there is an inadequate supply of malic acid in the body the Krebs cycle cannot function properly which leads to premature fatigue. Change #6: PharmaPure Creatine Monohydrate Increased From 2 Grams To 3 Grams Creatine is arguably the most effective and research validated supplement available today with respect to the potential benefits of improving body composition and muscular strength, power, and endurance. Over 500 studies exist on creatine with 70% of them producing significant improvements in performance, with NONE reporting detrimental effects. 3-5 grams of creatine monohydrate is considered an efficacious dose. Research has demonstrated a 3-gram dose/daily can saturate muscle creatine stores in ~28 days. Change #7: Creatine MagnaPower Replaces Creatine HCL Creatine MagnaPower is pure creatine bonded to pure magnesium that creates a higher level of absorption and utilization to form ATP. Unlike Creatine HCL, Creatine MagnaPower has several human studies demonstrating significant gains in size, strength, endurance, and power, It was a difficult decision for us to remove creatine HCL, but at the moment the research does not exist to support its use. The Bottom Line On The New PRE Stim Free Formula From the information above you can see most of the changes made to the new PRE Stim Free formula are due to the ever-changing body of available research. At NutraBio we realize consumers may have a hard time staying on top of the latest studies being done on supplements. Not only are there thousands of articles published each year but being able to access and decipher this information is a task very few people have time for. As NutraBio’s Chief Science Officer my commitment to you is that I will always stay up to date on the latest supplement research and our formulations will reflect that as it does with PRE Stim Free. Effective ingredients, efficacious dosing, and full transparency EVERY TIME and without compromise.