BioCrew Meetup Recap with Shaun Clarida

On Saturday February 29, 2020 we had a BioCrew meet up at Signature Fitness gym in Belleville, NJ. This was no regular meet up, it was a special event to welcome the newest member of the team IFBB Pro Shaun Clarida. Luckily Signature Fitness is a big gym because we had a huge turnout. The energy was high and everyone was training hard together. After training, we gathered up together and had a special presentation for Shaun. We produced special limited edition labels of our brand new Classic Whey Pistachio Delight with Shaun’s picture on it. He was surprised to say the least. We gave out 30 bottles to the first 30 people that attended. Be on the lookout for more BioCrew meet ups in the future, we may have one near you.