Tee Cummins knocks out John McAllister in his Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship debut!

No Gloves? No Problem!

NutraBio athlete Tee Cummins came out victorious in his Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship debut. Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship 11 (BKFC 11) had an exciting night of bouts. The first bout of the night showcased our own Tee Cummins, which also was the first bout in over four months for BKFC due to shows being postponed by the COVID-19 pandemic. Cummins delivered big time by finishing John McAllister with a 2nd round TKO.

Cummins showed why he is a threat in any combat sports league by using the power and speed of his punches to overcome his opponent. Cummins also showed great composure in his debut by not rushing and forcing strikes that may have left him open against counter strikes.

What is Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship?

This combat sport includes competitors who are not allowed to wear more than an inch of padding on their knuckles. On top of competitors not wearing gloves, they also compete inside a unique ring called the “Squared Circle”. The “Squared Circle” is a much smaller ring compared to the UFC octagon or a standard regulation boxing ring. This leads to extremely fast-paced and exciting fights that do not disappoint.

Tee Cummins favorite NutraBio Supplements!

Cummins had a high-intensity training camp in preparation for his fight. He trained twice a day multiple days a week and used NutraBio’s Pre-Stim Free, Intra Blast, and Reload to keep him at the top of his game through fight night.

In the morning, Cummins used Pre Stim-Free and Intra Blast before and during his strength and conditioning work out to help him train harder, faster and longer while staying hydrated. At night after his MMA and Boxing sessions, Cummins would take Reload Post-Workout. Cummins takes Reload to help him recover and prevent soreness so he doesn’t miss a step when he trains the next day.

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