Top 10 Tips to Stay in Shape During Quarantine

Ok, ok, by now you've all read 1000 articles on how to stay in shape while quarantined, but this one will be different I promise. Why because I'm not going to recommend anything to you I wouldn't do myself.

But first things first. This all starts with having the right attitude. And no I'm not going to say some corny BS like you have to have the Attitude of Gratitude. Let's be real, who is thanking the Universe for the Corona Virus nor being stuck inside with 3 kids, 2 dogs, and the wife you love SOOO much. Ok I kid of course you love your dogs.

That all being said, having good mental health is the key to successfully thriving in this quarantine, not just surviving. Heck many of you will have more time to dedicate to fitness than you have in years. Use it to get a jump start on that shape you've wanted for years. That shape you see when you close your eyes. Now go get it!

So without further ado this is my TOP 10 TIPS TO STAY IN SHAPE WHILE ON QUARANTINE...

1.Good mental health promotes good physical health...

How do you do this you may ask? The number one way would be to see #2 to see dog run.

2. Commit to Keeping a Schedule

This could be the most important tip. Keeping a schedule during uncertain times is critical. You by no means have to schedule out every minute of your day but an outline is essential. Start with these basics:

  1. Time you wake
  2. Time you work if working from home
  3. What time/times will you workout out each day
  4. What time will you R & R (Yes rest is essential)
  5. What time will you go to sleep

3. Get outside and Walk/Jog/Run/Hike (while practicing social distancing)

4. Calorie Restriction (compensate for lower-calorie burn by decreasing your calorie intake per day accordingly)

5. Daily Goals (Push-Ups, Steps, Etc.)

  1. Knockout X amount of push-ups every hour
  2. Push-Ups on commercial break :)
  3. Steps per day

6. Set Attainable Goals but PUSH YOURSELF. I suggest increasing these goals 10-15% per week.

7. Incorporate Metabolism boosting products. I personally suggest Mens & Womens ThermoFuel.

8. Split your workouts into 2-3 portions per day…#1 Goal GET YOUR HEART RATE UP..

9. Incorporate products to help lower cortisol

10. At Home Workouts…. Get Creative.. YOUTUBE PEOPLE

  • Stretch
  • Perform HIT (High Intensity Interval Training) sessions. Try These..
  • Work on Core Strength

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Dan Margolis
NutraBio VP of Sales