Unbound Team including EVP Dan Margolis, NSM Mike Alfieri, and Unbound Athletes Erik Ramirez, Dawn Barnes, and Eric Barnes

Unbound Partners,

It was our absolute pleasure to represent at the Nutrition Corners 2022 NutBash this past weekend in Virginia Beach, VA.

The Nutrition Corners are an incredible partner of ours carrying the entire Unbound line in their 12 locations in the Mid Atlantic Region.

Going to events like this gives us the chance to not only sample out our products and share our passion for the industry but we also received unbelievable feedback. It is truly so humbling to hear all the positive feedback and see the impact we've had in just one short year.

More and more we see the truly amazing impact UNBOUND supplements has had on our consumers physiques, their strength, and goals crushed. There is nothing better than seeing the positive impact we are leaving, while at the same time reinvigorating consumers love for training and supplements.

CEO and founder Mark Glazier speaking at Sunday's "Ask the Pro's/CEO's" seminar

I think everyone's highlight was hearing CEO Mark Glazier speak passionately about the industry during Sunday's seminar. Mark was able to educate and update everyone on the supply chain and manufacturing and explain how and why Unbound truly sets itself apart in this industry.

Our entire team relish's every opportunity we get we go above and beyond to support our incredible partners. If you have an event coming up and want to see us there, let us know!


Mike Alfieri