Uncovering The Truth: Protein Quality Test

Protein Pop Quiz: Which one of these proteins is the best? A) 18g protein per serving B) 25g protein per serving C) 33g protein per serving Think it's C? It's actually a trick question (sorry). Every company brags on their label about how much protein is in their product. The truth is, you can't truly judge a protein by how much protein is in each serving without knowing how big each serving size is. Try This Test and See Where Your Protein Stacks up NutraBio CEO & Founder Mark Glazier shows you how to test your protein for purity using the "protein ratio". Look Beyond the Front of the Label As shown in the video above, the supplement facts panel will show you the amount of protein per serving and the serving size. THIS is the information that you need to find out what protein is the best. Divide the amount of protein per serving by the serving size to see what percentage of that serving is actually protein. Protein Pop Quiz - 2nd Try: A) 18g protein per 25g serving size = 70% protein per serving B) 25g protein per 28g serving size = 90% protein per serving C) 33g protein per 50g serving size = 66% protein per serving proteinOn the front of the label, 33g of protein sounds better than 25g but when that 33g also comes with 17g of additional fillers, additives or cheaper proteins mixed in, it suddenly doesn't sound so great. Most brands don't want you to look at the back of the bottle. Even if you do, they will try to confuse you and make it hard to make sense of it all. Make sure to follow NutraBio on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to learn more and become an educated consumer but most importantly, buy from a brand that you can trust. Watch the full video series of Mark Glazier: Uncovering The Truth.