Why Won't Proprietary Blends Just Go Away?!

Trust. It takes years to build. NutraBio has been the industry leader in clean supplements, with full label disclosure since 1996. Don't be fooled by tricky supplement facts labels. See why "proprietary blends" on the labels mean nothing but bad things for you, the consumer. Watch this video of NutraBio CEO & Founder, Mark Glazier, clarifying "proprietary blends".
So, the question remains: Why won't proprietary blends just go away?! Money. Brands use proprietary blends to cover up using inferior ingredients and "under-dosing" the amounts. This means you are throwing your money away and their wallets are getting fatter. Worst of all, you are left with a useless product because it doesn't deliver on all of those claims they made about "Lose weight quick!" or "Pack on lean muscle!". Bringing us back to TRUST. Don't blindly trust a brand to give you the best ingredients and have your interests in mind. Trust the companies that show you every single ingredient with the amounts, using full transparency. The companies with nothing to hide, these are ones you can trust. NutraBio - the original no proprietary blend, full label disclosure brand. Without Compromise since 1996. See more scams and tricks in the supplement industry Watch NutraBio CEO & Founder, Mark Glazier's videos