4 Fun Things You Can Do With SustainElite - The Best Sports Drink For Endurance Athletes

EndurElite Chief Endurance Officer Matt Mosman shows you how to make SustainElite popsicles, jello, gels, and margaritas!

Video Transcription:

SustainElite - The Best Sports Drink For Runners, Cyclists, OCR, And Other Endurance Athletes

Hello family of fast and welcome to cooking with EndurElite. I'm your host and head chef, Matt Mosman, and today I'm going to show you four fun things you can do with our SustainElite sports drink. But first I need to get rid of this apron because paisley doesn't go with my skin tone, and I need to drop that terrible, terrible accent. That is just an insult to Julia Child and I apologize.

So as I said in the beginning, I'm gonna show you four kind of cool things you can do with our SustainElite sports drink. But first, I wanna show you the best way to use SustainElite when you're drinking it on the bike or when you're running or when you're using it during the obstacle course because we get a lot of questions about this.

The Best Way To Use SustainElite Sports Drink During Running, Biking, And OCR Events

So the best way to use SustainElite is get yourself one of these fancy little blender bottles. Add anywhere from 16 to 24 ounces of water. You're gonna put one to three scoops of SustainElite in said blender bottle. You're gonna stick this fancy little fandangled ball in there to mix it up really good. You're gonna put the lid on and you're gonna shake it, shake it, shake it. And my milkshake brings all the boys to the yard. And my life is better than yours. Damn right, it's better than yours. But I'd teach you but I'd have to charge. So you get the point. You just basically wanna shake the snot out of SustainElite for a good 30 seconds, and that will make it about 97% soluble.

Now when you get done mixing it, you're gonna see a little bit of settling on the bottom, and this is perfectly normal because SustainElite isn't made of just simple sugars. It has more complex carbs in there as well that don't dissolve all the way. But when all is said and done, they'll be less than half of gram of SustainElite sitting on the bottom. And to solve this problem, you just shake this sucker up before you drink it, or if you put it in your bike bottle, or the movement or agitation from running with it in a bottle or a mountain bike will probably help it just mix itself. But if you do see a little bit on the bottom, shake it up, you're good to go.

How To Make A SustainElite Popsicle

So let's get to the fun stuff now. What are the fun things that you can do with SustainElite? I'm glad you ask. I wanna show you. With summer just right round the corner, I can't think of a better treat than a nice, cool popsicle. So, what you are going to do, my endurance friends, is get one of these little fancy fandangled popsicle makers from your local friendly Walmart. You're gonna pop the top off like this. You're gonna take your shaken SustainElite. You're gonna pour it right in there. You can make up to six if you want to. You're gonna stick those leads back on. And you're gonna put that in the freezer for about three hours. And when you're all said and done, you're gonna have yourself a nice tasty treat. So good. So that's fun thing number one you can do with SustainElite.

How To Make A SustainElite Sports Drink Jello

Now I don't like much anything more than a popsicle except one thing, and that's jello. I do love me some good jello. And you can actually make your own SustainElite jello. Now, what you're gonna want for that is unflavored gelatin. You're gonna take one cup of water. You're gonna sprinkle that little unflavored gelatin in there. You're gonna let it sit for about two minutes. Then you're gonna grab boiling water. Caution. Careful. You're gonna add about a cup of that and you're gonna get your little whisk and you're gonna whisk that sucker up till it's all dissolved. Let's take a look here. Yes, oh, looking very delicious. So once it's all dissolved, you're gonna wanna stick that in the fridge or freezer again for another couple hours. And when all is said and done, you end up with this deliciousness. Jello. You put a little whip cream on that and you are in business.

How To Make A SustainElite Energy Gel

All right. Now probably for the part that you've been all been waiting for a couple weeks now. I told you I was gonna show you how to make a SustainElite gel. Now there's a few key things you're gonna wanna have here. You're gonna have or want a heat sealer of some kind. You're gonna want a funnel, a Mylar bag, and about four scoops of SustainElite. Now I'll provide links to where you can buy all this stuff, and there's a ton of options out here as far as heat sealer goes, some are like five bucks and then the Mylar bags are dirt cheap.

So what you're gonna do is you're gonna take your four scoops of SustainElite. You're gonna get your little cup here. You're gonna add exactly half a cup of water. Now if you want it to be thicker or thinner, you can adjust the amounts here. You're gonna add the water to the SustainElite powder. You're gonna get yourself a nice spoon, you're gonna mix all that up. That just looks scrumptious. Yumma, yumma, yumma. So as you can see, it's starting to take a gel-like formation. And you basically stir that up till all the powder goes away. It's gonna kind of end up looking like a pudding, and who doesn't love pudding?

So keep on stirring that sucker up, and that's probably good enough. You're gonna grab your Mylar bag with a funnel. You're gonna add your SustainElite concoction in there. Let it drain into the bag. Yummy. So you got that. You're gonna take your heat sealer right here. Make sure all that goopy goodness is down inside, and you're gonna seal that puppy up. And you have your gel, with a little bit of mess there, but you get the point. It'll seal it up nice and good. And then when you're all ready, you just tear the top off and you have your gels.

Now if you're gonna do this, I would recommend doing it a few days before your race just so the gel kind of stays fresh, which I assume it will in a sealed bag, but we exactly haven't done the pilot testing on all of this. So I've kept it into a Mylar bag for up to about three days, it worked perfectly fine as a gel. And this will kind of get you by until we actually release our official gels at EndurElite, which is probably gonna happen by the end of this year.

How To Make A SustainElite Margarita

Now for my favorite way to use SustainElite. Here's what you gonna do, my friends. You're gonna grab some Country Time lemonade because any other lemonade is just inferior. You're gonna add a little bit of that. You're gonna add some ice. You're gonna add a scoop or two of SustainElite. Put that in there. And then for the best part, is you're gonna add a splash of tequila. So just a little, maybe a little bit more. There we go. And we're gonna make a SustainElite infused margarita which, I mean, adding the SustainElite in there makes it healthy. So you can't really get many arguments [SP] there. You're gonna put that in your blender, you're gonna turn that on, and blend it. Oh, there we go. That scared the shit out of me. Okay. Blending done. And then you have a nice frosty margarita that the whole family can enjoy, if they're over 21, on a nice summer day.

Tastes like victory. That is the four fun ways to use SustainElite, my endurance friends. If you liked this video and you wanna try some fun things with SustainElite, you pick yourself a bottle up right now and share this video with your friends. If you want other videos like this, head on over to the EndurElite YouTube channel and subscribe, or go on over to the EndurElite blog at www.endurelite.com. Get social with us on Instagram and Facebook. And until next time, my endurance friends, stay fueled, stay focused, and stay fast.